“Royal Quartz” & The Art of Crystallization

ROYAL QUARTZ, on TurningArt, Society6 & more

Self creation is embedded in the fabric of existence — and that is genesis. Life will continue to occur under any conditions.

This photo exhibits large crystal formation and hairlike striations made of once again, apatite. It looks to me like a large brain or processor. Well — in industry quartz is a high quality resonator for electronics and provides astonishing optical data storage.

See below – an odd example, and also an amazing “coincidence” that occurred after I’d been working on crystal photography for a while (see previous article on quantum biology concepts & Indra’s net). The overflow of sweet potato sugar crystallized and, fractal style, formed a shape like another potato. Those particles and molecules just keep on building under pressure or outside stimulus. Food for thought.

Links on Art page have been updated to include new presence on Society6 and FineArt America.

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