Eco + Tech: Desalinating Ocean Water To Offset Glacier Melt

This post could even be an enviro stand-up comedy routine. The two juxtaposed issues are Desalination Processes and Glacier Melt / rising sea levels.

I’m thinking: “But can’t we just sip it down?”

Here are two major newsmakers lately regarding desalination: MIT and a Huntington Beach, California plant.

Researchers at MIT have created a portable solar-powered device that is already available:

And, understandably, there’s some controversy surrounding the “Poseidon” plant:

I have to admit, at first glance, drinking the ocean does seem to be a bit unwise and ridiculous. However! Taken in the context of rising sea levels, perhaps that could be put to use — not as a norm, but a useful tool to keep things under control.

After all, human ability to consume is at pro level. And Fortunately, accelerated ingenuity and innovation are catching up. There are ambitious and necessary initiatives happening globally to go net zero by 2050 or sooner.

According to, the ocean’s rising around 3.6 millimeters per year. So how much water volume is that?

That’s a math question That needs to consider density of seawater and of drinking water.

My conclusion here is that Desalination plants and portable devices could be very useful on standby, and could possibly even become very important to apply in a calculated manner.

And High performance nanotech graphene filtration definitely comes into play here.

As a final note though, I think there are some important microorganisms living in the ice shelf and that deserves careful study and respect. Bacteria Are in part responsible for cleaning the ocean, and that includes human oil spills, which are hopefully becoming a thing of the past.

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