New Music Friday: OCTAVES Label 🎶 Promo Previews ðŸŽ¶

Dance tracks on the horizon

Next up for OCTAVES Music Dance & EDM is a collaboration between Odd Circuit, Artemis Amenti and Rebel Veteran. It’s a beautiful melodic track with a progressive House and somewhat took techno flavor. Whatever labels you want to put on it, it’s got an uplifting vocal as well as a sense of humor:

Also upcoming is a deep progressive house flavored track featuring a vocal by San Francisco artist KIRAN. The bass and the vocal on this one are really interesting, yet it’s got enough space to be used in a variety of DJ sets for example.

OCTAVES looks forward to the releases on the horizon! The label is available on all major online platforms and is coming soon to Beatport.

Are you a music artist who would like to be part of OCTAVES? The label encompasses many genres, hence the name. For questions and demo submissions, please see the contact page.

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