Shangri-La Green + Featured Product: Bamboo

Bamboo is a literally fast-growing crop

The new Shangri-La Green page features non-toxic, organic, eco-conscious products as well as those related to longevity and wellness, and overall higher materials and manufacturing standards. Green products have been featured sporadically on the site and now will be more regularly. The product features will be those tried & tested to be beneficial.

Shop Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper

The first featured product is a game changer because it saves so many trees and that’s Bamboo Toilet Paper. Want to make a difference? Make the switch. There are a growing number of options but the unbleached kind is best.

And here’s another angle on bamboo — It’s easy to grow, so one could even buy a live plant and try cultivating it! This plant symbolic of good luck also represents carbon removal and sustainability. It’s now being used for an array of products, from flooring to bath accessories.

Keep an eye on the Shangri-La Green page for great eco finds & ideas!


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