New In The Shop: “Alchemy Sun” — 36x36x2”

It’s a great pleasure to list this piece in the Shop. “Alchemy Sun” has indeed been a labor of love and transformation, such that the meaning goes far beyond words into the cosmic, a feeling of fullness and appreciation for all the creative process has taught and is teaching.

“Alchemy Sun” is a large mixed media that is ready to hang. It’s 36”x36” x 2 inches deep, on deep canvas framed in gold. The materials include gold leaf, pyrite, aluminum, acrylic and gloss. It has a thick visceral texture up close. Also, the reverse side is painted, as seen above.

The use of both gold leaf and pyrite or “fool’s gold” is significant in that both are valuable and beautiful. All the elements are intrinsically valuable. While this piece may be finished, the alchemy is always in motion. It’s going to be a special buyer who purchases or rents this, and it will be a satisfying pleasure to part with it to make room for more.


Published by sarah ikerd

@sarah.ikerd / owner

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