Shangri-La Green Debuts In-House Products 🌿

Shangri-La Green Copper Jellyfish Scrubby

Shangri-La Green kicks off the in-house eco-conscious lifestyle products with the Copper Jellyfish Scrubby. It looks like a jellyfish, right? And copper mesh works better on pans and dishes than anything else I’ve ever used; it’s a healthy plastic free cleaning accessory, and it dries quickly. It also happens to be shiny and aesthetically pleasing. For further detail read the listing below copied from the Shangri-La Green page. The Jellyfish Scrubby ships from Somerville, MA with minimal but special packaging including handmade recycled paper, in the spirit of waste reduction.


Shangri-La Green Copper Jellyfish Scrubby

This jellyfish is 100% copper mesh, a healthful and valuable recyclable metal. Unlike a sponge, it dries quickly. Just one scrubby will last a long while, and then become something else afterward (?) since copper is so versatile. Works great on tough spots! Especially on uncoated pots & pans, dishware, and metal in general. Use with water and soap. An elegant eco-friendly cleaning tool. **Standard Domestic Shipping included** Comes with minimal mindful packaging.


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