New Cosmetics & Skincare From Shangri-La Green 🌿

Shangri-La Green Immortal Full Body Exfoliant + Moisturizer

Bristlecone Pine Seeds | Flax Oil | Organic Coconut MCT Oil | Trehalose | D-Ribose | Modified Citrus Pectin | Marine Collagen | High Absorption Magnesium Glycerophosphate This exciting new liquid gold of a product is a powerhouse of longevity & superwellness ingredients, a well tested skin food blend that gently exfoliates as well as nourishing and moisturizing. Immortal blend can be used on the entire body and is even edible. **Can also be prepared vegan without the marine collagen – please request** Serving size is 3 oz. Lasts a year with refrigeration. Agitate / stir before using. Instructions for use: Apply on entire body, let sit 10-20 minutes, then shower off. Do not use soap and then air dry. Price includes domestic shipping.


Shangri-La Green Bilberry Dark Purple Lip Color + Circulation Balm, Small

Refined Shea Butter | Bilberry Extract This new color also comes in a new small pocket size of .5 oz in a black aluminum balm style container. Mixed in-house with metal and marble utensils. See listing below for further description of the lip color. Price includes domestic shipping.


Some great new additions to the Shangri-La Green shop with some exciting ingredients, most notably Bristlecone Pine seeds, from a revered tree that lives thousands of years.


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