Shangri-La Green 🌿 Top Shelf Recipe + New Products

Delightfully sweet and satisfying, SuperFood Magic Squares are easy to make — just mush and freeze — but they’re also available in the Shangri-La Green shop. They feature two great promotional products: Vegan Un-Honey & Green Vibrance powder, as well as other top shelf ingredients for nutrient density.

Shangri-La Green SuperFood Magic Squares, package of 6

Organic Ingredients: Dried Gogi, dried wet apricot, dried white mulberry, walnut, cashew, Single Origin Food Company Vegan Un-Honey (coconut nectar + flower pollen), *Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, Chaga powder, Hemp Seeds *not completely organic A serving of six 2×2” squares that comes in plastic free packaging. Refrigerate or freeze upon receipt. Shipping included in price.


New in Cosmetics are updated containers and serving sizes, as well as a new product: Triple Red Lip Balm. The name ‘Triple Red’ comes from the ingredients gogi, rooibos and tart cherry, a soothing antioxidant and mineral rich combination.

Triple Red Lip Balm

Ingredients: Refined Shea butter, unrefined shea butter,* argan oil, dried gogi,* red rooibos powder & leaves,* tart cherry juice* *organic Human tested & plastic free. Refrigerate — Domestic Shipping included in price.


Shangri-La Green came into being from the desire to create no-nonsense beauty and lifestyle products that are designed to be beneficial and nourishing, without unnecessary additives. These products are home cooked in Somerville, MA with marble and metal utensils, with attention to waste reduction.


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