Activating The Ageless Algorithm (full article)

Sequel to articles “The Last Generations” & “Examining Biological Immortality In Nature”

“…discover first hand the eternity of Life, Light, and Truth, as well as the illusion of Death, Darkness, and Sin… Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one–and that one was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth. The time will come when the secret wisdom shall again be the dominating religious and philosophical urge of the world… The Dying God shall rise again!” — Manly Hall

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” — The Shawshank Redemption 

An algorithm is a set of instructions implemented for problem solving or computation. Let’s examine some logical instructions for immortality. 

01. Belief

Let’s start with the deepest instruction. Many philosophers and other figures of note have agreed, that the power of belief is potent. Affirmations and meditation then affirm the belief, as well as way of life. Focus on life and joy is based in faith; focus on death is fear-based and generates anxiety and pressure. Could death now be the greatest modern farce and irony. That we have the gift of life and then focus on supposedly inevitable death and “heaven.” It looks to me like we live in the heavens! Just look at the sky, or photos from the Hubble telescope. Yes though, there are layers we can’t see. What I’m saying is — I believe we have options. 

Humanity seems to be at a point both technologically and spiritually to opt out of death, as determined by the individual, to be able to upgrade and transform within the same life cycle (although many came before to get to this point). And the individual must of course love life and cosmos in order to want to continue. Rest? Bodiless travel? That’s what we have sleep for. For youthfulness and quality of life the individual must be in a regeneration mindset instead of a degenerative one. This implies faith in the body / the self’s ability to heal and learn/evolve. Biological immortality is a great quantum leap and inevitably creates new culture.

“Matter is the necessary channel for the self differentiation of spirit.” — Genevieve Behrend

“Live Slow Die Whenever” ~ T-shirt

02. Habits

Way of life, the Tao, flow — this next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm encompasses daily habits and manner. As mentioned in the previous instruction, having an open-ended life span de-stresses one’s manner and culture significantly. 

To live like an immortal would mean free enjoyment of all life has to offer without the pressure of an ultimate deadline. It would mean open-ended achievement, the rethinking and revamping of healthcare, the stewardship of environment. All in all I think, a great idea. I happen to believe we live in a benevolent universe, because everywhere we look there is proof of that. Why death, then? Why indeed. It’s been done. So perhaps the time is nigh for something new. 

Time is a tool and system of measurement for scheduling! It does not have to determine life span, though. In this way we can begin to experience multi-dimensionality, like the quantum world. One on level, the measure of time applies; on another level, other qualities are timeless. You may have experienced a taste of timelessness during the pandemic. I sure did, during which the names of the days and sun-ups and sundowns blurred together, a whole year that felt like a time warp!

The immortal being would get plenty of sleep for recharging, without any regard for missing out on something or “FOMO.” There are plenty of plants and animals that do this and live a very long time. We can continue to learn from them without dissecting them, and make no mistake — they too continue to learn and evolve. Consider the city birds that have trained us not to mess with them, and to feed them instead! 

The immortal being would not engage in cruel, murderous or torturous behaviors. Having gained infinite sight, like the sloth in the photo, there would be little point and much less existential angst. Above all, engaging in death or destructive activities leads to more death, focusing on death leads to death. You can guess the flipside of the coin: Focusing on enjoying life and living, experiences and exploration, leads to more life. 

Rest periods would be expected. The pace of work, however one sees fit for one’s occupation. To each their own. Live and let live, and on and on. After all, here we go expanding to other planets thanks to aerospace giants. The only sense of urgency here is excitement and that we’ll need more room. 

To summarize this instruction, way of life converts from survival, or fight or flight, to **arrival. There many ways of saying this in different idioms. If you go ahead and live that way you may find that your health & your quality of life vastly improve.

Reservatrol salad

03. Food

The next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm is to eat and supplement intentionally. Supplements should be regarded as augmentations and not dependencies.

There is a plant for every ailment and attribute. I have a growing collection of botanical extracts on my shelf. For maximum benefit, shelve any illogical skepticism about the fruits of spaceship Earth. 

The overall shift to noninvasive medicine and healthcare that gets back to nature will support longevity and immortality very directly through vital nutrients.

Consider the immortal Hippocrates quotation “let thy food be thy medicine” with the photo of the grapes above. Grape skin contains Reservatrol, a substance linked to numerous benefits including brain health. Although it is found concentrated in supplement form, the benefit and easy (tasty) access of whole foods in general is clear. 

Another compound identified in connection with longevity is NAD+ or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, associated with adult stem cell production. That too comes in supplement form, yet it is also available in foods like fish and mushrooms.

[Aside] And by the way: “Research into adult stem cells has been fueled by their abilities to divide or self-renew indefinitely and generate all the cell types of the organ from which they originate — potentially regenerating the entire organ from a few cells.” — Science Daily. This is kind of funny to extract what we already have inside of us and put it back in, which implies that perhaps what we also need is a new level of awareness. 

In my previous article “Examining Biological Immortality in Nature” I identified the disaccharide sweetener Trehalose as possibly beneficial, given its production by some plants and animals as a protective crystallization against the elements or in a period of dormancy. 

Deliberate choice of intake, rich in vitamins and minerals, enhances bodily processes and therefore quality of life.

In support of the adage “you are what you eat,” having as many live foods with active enzymes as possible is the way to go. You may already have many beneficial ingredients on hand, like turmeric (curcumin) or apples and onions (quercetin). This is naming a few of millions. Knowing and learning the usefulness and value of plants makes them even more effective. Such is the power of intention plus understanding!

John Harvard Mall, Old Town Hill, Charlestown

04. Growth 

When beliefs and habits change so do biology and outer reality. The universe is a body in motion and so are we by default, yet with increasing choice, and integration of infinite and multidimensional concepts. There are other concurrent levels of reality that we cannot directly see, like the life of our cells and the quantum realm.

Consider for a moment that universal systems, including ourselves exponentially, have been gathering more and more intelligence and discernment. For every thought/desire or group desire, quantum particles or energetic counterparts form and function as carriers or messengers that may help shape physical reality. 

The output of the brain has been measured in wave functions, and so is that of the heart; physical manifestations in the personal universe/experience and beyond, conjectured to be affected by the strength and coherence of the signals. 

A flight of imagination perhaps — Here’s an example of possible group thought-form manifestation: The black hole, an astronomical phenomenon predicted and then sought after for over a century, and then just 2 years ago at last appears for observation. Something to chew on — that the [benevolent] algorithmic style cosmos we find ourselves in is malleable, with overriding geometries, substances, and even safeties. If intelligence exists at our level of reality, it is reasonable to suppose it exists on many levels.

Definitions expanding // bottom left: to each their own, but to me that seems backwards

*What if* as the divisions of our societies loosen and dissolve, we begin to see more. Oh wait, that’s already happening! Just keep tabs on NASA and SpaceX, among others. And according to popular Wikipedia, immortality or Homo deus or the trans human, the next evolutionary step for humanity is here — and not a nightmarish cyborg or disfiguration – just the best of us, more intelligent and youthful. With possible *constructive* enhancements though, our tech creations also teach us. We’ve been rising and learning through generations towards the achievement of formerly wild dreams. Note: It’s been postulated though certain ancients already realized some of this. 

Growth is an expression of ideals and desire, and there’s certainly more to explore. The photos illustrate — from John Harvard, to the vast online network, to even the bloom of common Aurelia aurita jellyfish (the Latin meaning “golden ear” / listening), of which there are many around Boston wharfs. 

Once again, the original guru — jellyfish Aurelia aurita, optionally asexual & immortal / variant with 6 gonads seen here (Charlestown)

Those golden listening ears are also known as moon jellyfish, because a specimen of Aurelia went to the moon! If you want to gauge the effects of that, take a look at human history. Only a few people had to go to the moon for the entire species to be affected. Just recently, in the past few years, the Aurelia aurita was identified as being able to reverse its life cycle, just like Turritopsis dorsii “the” immortal jellyfish — now “an” immortal, in a sea of possibilities.

Part 5. Environment & Technology

Our lives are inextricably linked with our home spaceship Earth, a paradise because the rest of the solar system is somewhat inhospitable — at least to us. Of course, plans and efforts are directed towards terraforming, and deep space travel towards planets such as Proxima B. 

The beautiful earth is our immediate priority. As is obvious at this point, the continued reform of our habits and renovation of our systems is necessary to sustain healthy way of human life in connection with the healthy environment and ecosystems. Both can and should thrive. 

Technologies both old and new are relevant to sustainability, or non-destructive lifestyle. Sustainable forestry and solar power, for example, are not new concepts. In the case of forestry, we do have material alternatives such as concrete, bamboo, hemp and even recycled ocean plastic. 

Elon Musk said in an X-Prize broadcast that you can’t just plant trees. Well, yes one can. The architect Vincent Callebaut for example, incorporates thousands of trees into his buildings. And besides, the trees knew how to grow themselves long before we got involved. Plants grow through asphalt and concrete, so they know how to survive and thrive. We can help and herd though, and that’s the concept of stewardship.

What is also needed is quite simply big companies continuing to make big changes, yet with greater speed and scope. That massive fiery glowing orb in the sky is fairly easy to channel!

Our health is connected to that of our environment – air quality, plant life, natural resources, etc — what we improve in quality of life as a collective affects us as individuals. This is outside of any political system, outside of any one person or group or agenda; it’s just the facts, that there are more constructive ways of living. The effect on the planet, flora and fauna, is a direct gauge of this. If you don’t like the green and blue — first, I can’t relate, and second this is surely a state of denial and even suicidal because at this point we can’t live without those things, water and arbor. 

Things are changing as a matter of necessity, and there can be a newfound or rediscovered cohesion of technology and environment, which of course ultimately stem from the same source. It’s just how we use them and maintain them. 

Longevity and mortality depend on sustainable living systems and healthy environments. In my opinion the eco-tech pursuits to prioritize are solar electric power, materials science, and advanced waste management solutions — especially ocean clean-up!

On an individual level, which will continue into the final part of the Ageless Algorithm, the constructive, supportive environment of each person is important for us to thrive and positively potentiate humanity.

“You see, you were born
Born, born to be alive”

Part 6. En[joy]ment

The final and most important instruction of activating the ageless algorithm is enjoying life, which encompasses all the aforementioned parts; enjoyment of the little things and the big things. Enjoyment is vital to the multifaceted state of health — physical, mental/emotional, spiritual/soul. 

Contained in the word “enjoyment” is the word “joy” and that kind of unbridled satisfaction comes from life itself, like the sunlight sparkling on a river, just being able to witness in this grand theater. So why leave it behind? Personally, I’m anticipating Virgin Galactic flights. And am thankful to have come this far across the genetic threads of many lifetimes to even be considering all these possibilities!

In the search for purpose, the greatest one is to live, and be alive, enjoying all the cosmos has to offer, which is a lot. Circumstances differ to be sure, but perhaps as we are living longer and even indefinitely, we can work out more pressing issues, enough to live in relative open-ended peace. It pays off to keep on dreaming and doing — there are so many examples of this, past and definitely present. It also pays off to relax regularly, and take in the natural abundance all around us. 

Tardigrade says: “You can do it — I believe in you!

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