4 Majorly Impactful Solutions For Waste Reduction In The USA

Here are 4 major solutions for waste reduction and environmental clean-up in the United States:

1 • Switching to all compostable packaging

— Companies include World Centric, GoodStart and Lean Orb

2 • Converting to Green energy systems

— There are already numerous options for doing so

3 • Collecting / cleaning up and converting / recycling existing refuse

4 • Switching from mass animal agriculture to plant based and cultured meat

— Meat grown from cell cultures is in the early stages and a great compromise. As far as those who would say it’s an unnatural technology, one could argue a lot of what has occurred with humanity is unnatural. More importantly, it’s a case of “which would you rather.” Would you rather vital forests continue to be plowed down and the planet and therefore us ravaged, OR Would you rather Undergo a probably brief adaptation period for eating cultured meat.

Personally I find it bothersome how much yammering and complaining there is in the media, rather than focusing on productive solutions and practical actions both large and small. So I tune that out and then focus on those things myself!

Here’s what I have done thus far Personally: I don’t drive — I use public transportation, I’ve gone fully vegan, and currently I’m cutting back on single-use plastics, I’m re-using and re-purposing items more, and I occasionally pick up trash. The most impactful of those are definitely going vegan, and for quite some time now I haven’t had a car. Personal choices and Consumer choices do make a difference. The obvious evidence is the explosion of vegan products.

It makes great sense for the world to turn this way.. Because we have to. Some corporations and politicians are dragging their feet. Not only do big sweeping decisions have to be made — but also plans put into **action. And that includes everyone, not just nodding in agreement to celebrity faces.

Again, the choices we make affect the market greatly. If a lot of people for example refuse to purchase cars that run on gasoline, then there won’t be a demand for it and thus oil companies have to change and retool their businesses. It’s overdue, way overdue. The shortsightedness of the upper tiers of corporate capitalism, and quite frankly blindness among every day people, has been alarmingly ridiculous.

On the positive side now, changes are definitely happening and being put into place. These conversations are common now And more people are engaging in activism in their lives. Time to pick up the pace though! I’m tired of looking at all this trash too.

The technologies and Methodologies exist; they just have to be dialed up a notch in those key positions by companies large and small. What I mean by that is the rehab of industry. The industries don’t have to tank — What *is Necessary though is adaptation of production. Business owners on any scale make these choices and therefore are able to make different choices. How about now?


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