New Artworks From Studio Shangri-La

All of these can be found on Turning Art and coming soon on Saatchi art, society 6 And Fine Art America. TurningArt Boston has become my go to because they provide a multitude of services. The works can be rented or purchased both physically and digitally, which is great for both individuals and businesses for different purposes. Links can be found on the art page. I’m looking forward to when the new stuff hits Society6 because they produce different items, accessories and apparel.

The Road Ahead is made from different sunset photos taken in Medford along the Mystic River path. The total is inspired not only by the visual effect but also a song lyric that I got from a dream which will appear in the upcoming album.

Leaves of Paradise is quite simply made of the leaves of a bird of paradise.

You Are Here, which is a visually complex work, is a deconstruction of a deteriorated sign at Copley Place Boston. There are different symbols that reveal themselves in this work like gamma and epsilon. I could rattle on about physics here but I won’t for the moment. There are many ways of looking into and interpreting this work so please go right ahead.

Royal Quartz I posted about already check back a few blog posts ago.


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