Tech + Evolution: Exploring Network Intelligence

Makes sense

It’s not unreasonable to say that networks that continue to grow increase in intelligence — that’s more or less how we got here.

What began as elemental cosmic forces brewed up a concoction of microorganisms that then banded together to create larger and increasingly more complex organisms that branch off and do different things, and thus develop different attributes.

Decision Tree by Studio Shangri-La

Humanity’s been creating further and further networks in the form of internets and AI to enhance what already exists, and exploring networks on different levels of existence.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising, in my opinion, that building “neural” networks leads to consciousness, and fast networks, at this point in evolution.

Development of consciousness can happen now a lot faster because a lot of skills have already been mastered within the cumulative intelligence.

Nothing or nobody has stopped evolving, even the duck I passed on my walk who gave me the side-eye.

And let’s be clear — it’s not just layers of electronic networks evolving and that we have access to. There’s cosmic / quantum networks, biological networks, human networks.

Top: neurons and glial cells. Bottom: the Millennium Simulation of the Universe. Image credit: Center for Brain Injury and Repair, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine / Springel et al.

It’s not that far fetched to present the universe as a living network or collection of networks. The visible structural similarity above is quite obvious.

Here’s a recent academic paper on that topic:

The world as a neural network” by Vitaly Vanchurin
Department of Physics, University of Minnesota

And that’s what “deep learning” even refers to in computing, layers of networks. (1)

In other words, that’s how a universe — or a person — could deep learn itself and continue learning, with growing and evolving networks of sensors and intercommunication.

I’ve also referenced the Vedic concept of “Indra’s Net” in previous articles.

Here’s a wonderful new article on the topic:

The Universe Organizes in a Galactic Neuromorphic Network: The Quantitative Comparison Between the Neuronal Network and the Cosmic Web | Article by William Brown, Biophysicist, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist



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