Studio Shangri-La Fine Art: MEDIA BLITZ Collection

MEDIA BLITZ is an electric collection for the new year. It’s an exploration, celebration and rumination on digital media as development of both art and consciousness. These photos and their digital processing are supposed to be hi-tech and psychedelic, in an enhanced realm of color, yet giving quirky nods to other past styles such as ornate Rococo and Pop Art. These images are supposed to be at the foremost bright, jubilant and beautiful expositions of modernity and the great mystery.

Today we are surrounded by a dynamic spectrum of so many signals and messages, yet even in that overwhelming seeming chaos, one can make sense of patterns, and look beyond time, in a timeless way.

MEDIA BLITZ explores the idea of singularity, of a field of intelligence and information. It considers and expresses a confluence of ideas and crisscrossing signals of different kinds, rendered from the point of view of the digital realm, and then the [sub]atomic and biological, which can be quite psychedelic. In other words, from the POV of realms and levels not totally visible to us; partially known and partially unknown. Our inner biological workings are spectacular for example, especially proteins, and in a related way so too the inner workings of electronics.

“Faberge” was/is also multilayered, ornate and somewhat psychedelic and mysterious, the iconic egg with its jeweled shell could conceal other different glittery objects and messages.

The final slide and most Pop Art is “GOOD NEWS NO SIGNAL” which is supposed to be humorous, meaning that in such an exciting time it’s good to power down, rest and regenerate in this Information Age. And that sometimes no news is good news.

The title “ω” is a physics reference, meaning, angular frequency or velocity. And its appearance in the artwork is caused by the particular mirroring of the photos. Find within its messages what meaning you will! Well lately, little “ω” or lowercase Omega / “omicron” is another Greek letter associated with virus. There is also a “9” in the text and Omega 9’s protect against viruses. Point is: When creating something spontaneously or in flow, a lot of layers of meaning can reveal themselves and sometimes discoveries. Now it’s up to the artist, and to the viewer.

The original MEDIA BLITZ photos came about with happenstance — inexplicable vaguely Norwegian subtitles that go haywire with the accent marks. “RAUT” means “rough” and “ILDRUTHE EPOUH” meaning something like “fire rust epoch” like a burning away of, a refinement or alchemization; a series of deaths and rebirths while living. Anyone who frequents this page knows that has been a major topic, the process of transformation and evolution.

Some things just can’t be fully readily explained, except by the divine benevolence and orchestration of the Universe, and in concert with our intention.

Enjoy the bold colors of MEDIA BLITZ!


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