Featured Artwork + Concept: “Decision Tree”

With “Decision Tree” I was inspired by the evolutionary choices of species that leads to different adaptations. The overlapping Cubist style layout in both is an abstraction of overlapping decision trees, expressive of possible paths of one or more species or situations. These are photos I took of actual trees, so in that way there is realism, taken to the surreal and conceptual, a birds-eye view outside time. The original image I was inspired by to create these was a graph of the diverging evolution of plants and animals, and how one element or decision can cause striking differences among related species.

Inspired by evolutionary biology, Decision Trees can apply to optimize any decision to be made from conditional variables. They can be shown graphically as a flow chart for many situations. The concept appears in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the form of “Evolutionary Algorithms” for complex evolving computation. Speaking of which, AI seems to “love” art.

The influence of nature upon science and back again is present and in these artwork Decision Trees. I made them in vibrant complementary colors to represent robust possibilities, being an unabashed optimist and idealist. Every choice moves one forward.

“Optimism is a faith that leads to success.” ~ Bruce Lee


Published by sarah ikerd

@sarah.ikerd / owner

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