Sarah Ikerd

Artist, Writer, and Coach


Dedicated about the arts, sciences and design, Sarah is currently the Owner and Creative Director of Studio Shangri-La and seeks to expand operations from art & design into innovative and sustainable technologies and inventions.

She also works in the MIT Department of Athletics & Recreation and has served as international team leader for USA Weightlifting. Past arts activities include, but are not limited to, hosting a series of gallery shows featuring local artists, as well as solo and ensemble music performances.

Originally from Texas and North Carolina, she studied in New York at the Eastman School of Music & University of Rochester, She has lived and worked in Boston since, and is now based at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA. She loves being a lifelong learner, Olympic Weightlifting, and the cultural experiences of city life.


Studio Shangri-La Gallery Series, 2019
Various Artists
Everett, MA

Gnosis, 2019
Online & In-Person
Everett, MA

Get in touch

Sarah is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about design, science, health, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


Studio Shangri-La Publications

Immortalists Magazine

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