Studio Shangri-La Fine Art: NATURE PORTRAITS Intaglio

The latest additions to the NATURE PORTRAITS collection are influenced by the look of intaglio, or engraved woodblock printmaking. And the subjects are palm trees, as well as birch, the cross sections of fallen wood and the Mystic River. Locations are Miami Beach and Boston.


Studio Shangri-La Fine Art: JOURNEY OF LIGHT

This latest group for January, “Journey Of Light,” offers both cool and warm colors from the conceptual viewpoint of light behavior and creations in 4D/5D, as well as hexagonal based sacred geometry patterns in the 2D/3D. The inspiration is both scientific and spiritual. There are horizontal and vertical orientations, though any of these work well in either.


Studio Shangri-La Fine Art: MEDIA BLITZ Collection

MEDIA BLITZ is an electric collection for the new year. It’s an exploration, celebration and rumination on digital media as development of both art and consciousness. These photos and their digital processing are supposed to be hi-tech and psychedelic, in an enhanced realm of color, yet giving quirky nods to other past styles such as ornate Rococo and Pop Art. These images are supposed to be at the foremost bright, jubilant and beautiful expositions of modernity and the great mystery.

Today we are surrounded by a dynamic spectrum of so many signals and messages, yet even in that overwhelming seeming chaos, one can make sense of patterns, and look beyond time, in a timeless way.

MEDIA BLITZ explores the idea of singularity, of a field of intelligence and information. It considers and expresses a confluence of ideas and crisscrossing signals of different kinds, rendered from the point of view of the digital realm, and then the [sub]atomic and biological, which can be quite psychedelic. In other words, from the POV of realms and levels not totally visible to us; partially known and partially unknown. Our inner biological workings are spectacular for example, especially proteins, and in a related way so too the inner workings of electronics.

“Faberge” was/is also multilayered, ornate and somewhat psychedelic and mysterious, the iconic egg with its jeweled shell could conceal other different glittery objects and messages.

The final slide and most Pop Art is “GOOD NEWS NO SIGNAL” which is supposed to be humorous, meaning that in such an exciting time it’s good to power down, rest and regenerate in this Information Age. And that sometimes no news is good news.

The title “ω” is a physics reference, meaning, angular frequency or velocity. And its appearance in the artwork is caused by the particular mirroring of the photos. Find within its messages what meaning you will! Well lately, little “ω” or lowercase Omega / “omicron” is another Greek letter associated with virus. There is also a “9” in the text and Omega 9’s protect against viruses. Point is: When creating something spontaneously or in flow, a lot of layers of meaning can reveal themselves and sometimes discoveries. Now it’s up to the artist, and to the viewer.

The original MEDIA BLITZ photos came about with happenstance — inexplicable vaguely Norwegian subtitles that go haywire with the accent marks. “RAUT” means “rough” and “ILDRUTHE EPOUH” meaning something like “fire rust epoch” like a burning away of, a refinement or alchemization; a series of deaths and rebirths while living. Anyone who frequents this page knows that has been a major topic, the process of transformation and evolution.

Some things just can’t be fully readily explained, except by the divine benevolence and orchestration of the Universe, and in concert with our intention.

Enjoy the bold colors of MEDIA BLITZ!


Studio Shangri-La Fine Art/Conceptual Photography: The Beachwalk 777 Collection Continued

Here are a few more fresh additions to the South Beach Miami-based Beachwalk 777 collection and the Portfolio/Gallery page is up to date. A few of these are based on the ‘S’ shape and there are many interesting deco details. The last image is purely a simple and beautiful portrait of a Ravenela. It’s wonderful to be inspired by tropical plants, that are just as lush this time of year while it’s cold in Boston. The title Beachwalk 777 captures how I felt walking along the ocean in art deco South Beach — Jackpot!


Studio Shangri-La Artwork Commissioned For Beth Israel New Inpatient Building

Studio Shangri-La artworks will appear in BIDMC’s new inpatient building thanks to Boston Art: White Azalea Panel, Sugar Maple Canopy & Cherry Blossom Trellis.

I’m thankful to be part of such a significant public space where lots of people can enjoy these pieces.

The deco botanicals represent the beauty of patterns in nature, then reflected in art & technology, and how these can harmonize. Sugar Maple Canopy is part of an ongoing collection that also glorifies in portrait nature and its healing power, with special attention to composition and style. The original photographs were taken in Cambridge and Somerville.

More info to come on the opening of the building in Spring 2023.


New In December: The Beachwalk 777 Collection

This material is from South Beach, Miami a few weeks ago and the collection name comes from a dream after the trip, having much enjoyed the beachwalk along the entirety of Miami Beach. Having a tropical getaway and was a wonderful way of celebrating the holidays. Check out more vibrant colors on the portfolio/gallery page, plus monthly updates of new works.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Culture + Evolution — Uprooting Misogyny & Bullying For A Richer, More Enlightened Society

Homepage on Anchor FM

Stick with this one until the end — there’s a lot of important points for all humans.

Shangri-La Green February Promo Products — From Compostable Phone Cases To Hemp Underwear 🌿

Mitopure | Nature’s Answer Extracts | Pela Case | Wama Hemp Underwear

This month’s featured promo products so far feature a game changer in waste reduction — the compostable phone case, as well as longevity and preventative natural health items from Timeline Nutrition and Nature’s Answer, plus breathable healthier Hemp underwear by WAMA. Shangri-La Green represents beneficial lifestyle mods and improvements in materials both with the in-house and promoted products.

Shangri-La Green 🌿 Top Shelf Recipe + New Products

Delightfully sweet and satisfying, SuperFood Magic Squares are easy to make — just mush and freeze — but they’re also available in the Shangri-La Green shop. They feature two great promotional products: Vegan Un-Honey & Green Vibrance powder, as well as other top shelf ingredients for nutrient density.

Shangri-La Green SuperFood Magic Squares, package of 6

Organic Ingredients: Dried Gogi, dried wet apricot, dried white mulberry, walnut, cashew, Single Origin Food Company Vegan Un-Honey (coconut nectar + flower pollen), *Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, Chaga powder, Hemp Seeds *not completely organic A serving of six 2×2” squares that comes in plastic free packaging. Refrigerate or freeze upon receipt. Shipping included in price.


New in Cosmetics are updated containers and serving sizes, as well as a new product: Triple Red Lip Balm. The name ‘Triple Red’ comes from the ingredients gogi, rooibos and tart cherry, a soothing antioxidant and mineral rich combination.

Triple Red Lip Balm

Ingredients: Refined Shea butter, unrefined shea butter,* argan oil, dried gogi,* red rooibos powder & leaves,* tart cherry juice* *organic Human tested & plastic free. Refrigerate — Domestic Shipping included in price.


Shangri-La Green came into being from the desire to create no-nonsense beauty and lifestyle products that are designed to be beneficial and nourishing, without unnecessary additives. These products are home cooked in Somerville, MA with marble and metal utensils, with attention to waste reduction.

New Cosmetics & Skincare From Shangri-La Green 🌿

Shangri-La Green Immortal Full Body Exfoliant + Moisturizer

Bristlecone Pine Seeds | Flax Oil | Organic Coconut MCT Oil | Trehalose | D-Ribose | Modified Citrus Pectin | Marine Collagen | High Absorption Magnesium Glycerophosphate This exciting new liquid gold of a product is a powerhouse of longevity & superwellness ingredients, a well tested skin food blend that gently exfoliates as well as nourishing and moisturizing. Immortal blend can be used on the entire body and is even edible. **Can also be prepared vegan without the marine collagen – please request** Serving size is 3 oz. Lasts a year with refrigeration. Agitate / stir before using. Instructions for use: Apply on entire body, let sit 10-20 minutes, then shower off. Do not use soap and then air dry. Price includes domestic shipping.


Shangri-La Green Bilberry Dark Purple Lip Color + Circulation Balm, Small

Refined Shea Butter | Bilberry Extract This new color also comes in a new small pocket size of .5 oz in a black aluminum balm style container. Mixed in-house with metal and marble utensils. See listing below for further description of the lip color. Price includes domestic shipping.


Some great new additions to the Shangri-La Green shop with some exciting ingredients, most notably Bristlecone Pine seeds, from a revered tree that lives thousands of years.

Studio Shangri-La: Art Inspired By Science

sarah.ikerd on Instagram

The sciences, from biology to physics to electronics, continually influence and inform Studio Shangri-La conceptual photography. This is overview of some of those works, not all. Many of them are represented on the Portfolio page.

OCTAVES New Music Friday: 617 VIBE


Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran — 617 Vibe ft. Artemis Amenti

A fun & timely track here in the 617 — This is quirky rap with international flair that humorously celebrates that Boston vibe.

Shangri-La Green Featured Ancient To Modern Skincare Ritual

Pura D’Or Vitamin E Oil Blend + White Jade Gua Sha Stone

This Shangri-La Green featured ancient-to-modern featured skincare involves nourishing therapeutic oils and massage / scrape with a smooth gua sha stone to stimulate circulation and healing in the skin, as well as have a smoothing and pain / tension relieving effect on the skin and muscles. The origin of Gua Sha is ancient Chinese medicine. And this particular stone is shaped to complement the contours of the face and body. The Pura D’or Vitamin E Oil Blend is the recommended promo product for quality ingredients.

Shangri-La Green advises carefully selecting products with quality recognizable ingredients for best health.

OCTAVES New Music Friday: Odd Circuit – Disco Tech 🎶

Odd Circuit on Apple Music

OUT TODAY: Odd Circuit — Disco Tech

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A slice of peak-time disco flavored techno for the dance floor.

More on releases the way for OCTAVES New Music Fridays including Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran, Artemis Amenti and more Odd Circuit.

Other recent releases include synthpop “Dare To Desire” and alternative folk rock “Give Your Peace A Chance” by Artemis Amenti.

Shangri-La Green Small Batch Cosmetics + Skincare: Introducing Completely Nourishing Lip Color

New from Shangri-La Green

Shangri-La Green Bilberry Dark Mauve Lip Color + Circulation Balm

Ingredients: Unrefined African Shea Butter, Bilberry Extract, Glycerin, Water That’s it! Human-tested. : ) Plastic free — the 1.5 oz serving comes in a cute mason jar. Shelf life up to 2 years with refrigeration. Designed to be beneficial and made lovingly, this is homemade nourishing Lip Color — there are numerous benefits to Shea Butter and Bilberry, including but definitely not limited to moisturizing, improving circulation, healing and even boosting collagen production. The reported benefits of bilberry for the skin are extensive. This Bilberry Dark Mauve Lip Color looks sophisticated while it nourishes. While the color lasts nicely on the lips and this is designed to be Lip Color, it can also be used on the rest of the body – the pigment blends in as you massage. Although Bilberry extract and Shea Butter are edible, eating this mixture is not recommended. As with any skin care products, test out a small amount first to see if it works for you. You can use sparingly because a little of this goes an amazingly long way. You can use a small wooden or metal instrument to apply, Q-tip, small brush or just your finger. Domestic shipping included in price & shipped with minimal packaging in the interest of waste reduction.