RE-POST: “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device” [Google Patents] aka The Dawn Of Deep Space Travel

“Matter, energy, and spacetime are all emergent constructs which arise out of the fundamental framework that is the vacuum energy state.”
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Yes, this 2018 active U.S. Navy patent in part represents the new era of deep space travel. What a perfect example of innovation acceleration, out of some necessity, as humanity should expand and explore the universe while cleaning up this planet.

Nikola Tesla is the originator of modern quantum vacuum engineering, which draws upon electrostatic and electromagnetic energy.

I highly recommend reading this patent article, as it clearly and beautifully explains concepts and craft.

And I don’t know about you, but this represents a couple of fantasies coming true for me:

And while I’m on the topic, here’s a system of quantum tunnels / wormholes I imagined:

Others are imagining and making the same or similar because these things are clearly coming into being.

In conclusion, the arts & sciences are fundamentally and inextricably connected, springing from the same source. Philosophy and numbers are both important. The material is made of the spiritual, and the patent paper does a great job of explaining that scientifically yet plainly.

Eco + Tech: Desalinating Ocean Water To Offset Glacier Melt

This post could even be an enviro stand-up comedy routine. The two juxtaposed issues are Desalination Processes and Glacier Melt / rising sea levels.

I’m thinking: “But can’t we just sip it down?”

Here are two major newsmakers lately regarding desalination: MIT and a Huntington Beach, California plant.

Researchers at MIT have created a portable solar-powered device that is already available:

And, understandably, there’s some controversy surrounding the “Poseidon” plant:

I have to admit, at first glance, drinking the ocean does seem to be a bit unwise and ridiculous. However! Taken in the context of rising sea levels, perhaps that could be put to use — not as a norm, but a useful tool to keep things under control.

After all, human ability to consume is at pro level. And Fortunately, accelerated ingenuity and innovation are catching up. There are ambitious and necessary initiatives happening globally to go net zero by 2050 or sooner.

According to, the ocean’s rising around 3.6 millimeters per year. So how much water volume is that?

That’s a math question That needs to consider density of seawater and of drinking water.

My conclusion here is that Desalination plants and portable devices could be very useful on standby, and could possibly even become very important to apply in a calculated manner.

And High performance nanotech graphene filtration definitely comes into play here.

As a final note though, I think there are some important microorganisms living in the ice shelf and that deserves careful study and respect. Bacteria Are in part responsible for cleaning the ocean, and that includes human oil spills, which are hopefully becoming a thing of the past.

Tech + Health: Ensuring Product Safety With Machine Learning

the e-mail inspiration

“… it is not feasible to test for all 900 chemicals,” says the product inquiry reply.

I don’t think that’s true, though. Besides, once you decide to find a way, you’ll probably find a way.

Modern machine learning can make such large scale testing possible.

In fact, that is a thing — Large Scale Machine Learning.

This article refers to “chemical intuition” in analyzing and predicting:

A Universal Machine Learning Algorithm for Large-Scale Screening of Materials

This emergent combination is chemical engineering alongside computer science and data analysis, drawing on of course large databases.

Let’s put that Big Data to good use, right?

A set of algorithms would have to be coded for the specific Prop 65 testing purposes.

One notable company working on “anti-corruption” machine learning is giant Microsoft. Not that it would be them spearheading, but tests of the necessary magnitude are on the horizon.

“Technology resources such as cloud computing, data visualization, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning provide powerful tools for governments and corporations to aggregate and analyze their enormous and complex datasets in the cloud, ferreting out corruption…”

Machine Learning in Computational Chemical and Materials Science — Hariti Institute, Boston University

Advancements in machine learning and AI are rippling across many fields, and new programs are emerging universities that are cross disciplinary. Of course, it’s important to put beneficial aspects to real world use. And I think that product quality and safety chemical testing is a great application for this.

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Tech + Biophysics: Using Molecular Vibration To Arrange Matter ++ RE-POST of “Tables of molecular vibrational frequencies, Vol. 1-2”

All the conceptual information Necessary to make huge strides in nondestructive sustainable technologies is already out there. These volumes of molecular vibrational frequencies are exhibits A and B.

I’ve Been posting a lot about the frontier of sound and light technologies and this is a continuation of that.

Molecular vibration techniques have application from medicine and engineering, to manufacturing and environment.

Frequency overtones and the harmonic series can be used to achieve molecular editing and reformation

To measure molecular vibration, a highly specific and non destructive optical technique called Raman spectroscopy is employed.

Furthermore, there could also be a catalog of Cymatics, if there isn’t already — that is, which frequencies create which shapes, or wave patterns.

The method of frequency application then determines whether a molecule becomes dissociated or how it (re)forms.

Then, Machine learning can come into play for complex arrays of frequency data to select from, combine and sequence. The machine learning program functions here as the mechanical operator of the frequency orchestra.

So again, after all: “Music is the answer to your problems.”

Quantum Evolution: Human Intelligence & Relativity

The main point of this article is this: Regardless of IQ test or other fixed models, intelligence — including human intelligence — is always developing. And development is not fixed.

Generally and Experientially, it doesn’t take a scientific study to figure this out. It takes reason.

Consider “non-linear” quantum physics and related and other new technologies: This can only come from further developments in humans who are the observers, collaborators and creators.

Here’s a funny biblical way of putting it — human intelligence “begat” artificial intelligence from our own minds, and the term AI is another way of saying “a new form of” intelligence.

The narrative about AI and quantum computing is largely slanted towards making it like us, when there is clearly an exchange going on.

AI and deep learning are extensions and expressions of our own and cosmic intelligence.

It’s not uncommon for artists to say their works take on a life of their own, and in so many ways reflect back to them and are part of their growth.

Technologies are a reflection of how we think and see our worlds. I say “worlds” because one person or being can see differently than another. And Multiple perspectives constitute a multiverse, or collection of parallel universes, or “pocket universes” — however you want to say it.

You could measure multiple intelligences using the same system. Yet, not all intelligences can be measured by the same variables. It would be a silly assessment to give a bee a written test for example, but that certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t have intelligence.

That’s an dramatic example. The point is: Intelligence is dynamic and multifaceted. Plus, the animal and plant kingdoms have had to adapt around us in order to survive.

On the human front, would you say a person is stupid if they don’t know how to read or write? You might. And you might consider yourself correct by the strictures of your definition — But you wouldn’t necessarily be correct. That person might be an excellent builder, for example, or have vast emotional intelligence.

And the overall intelligence potential is infinite I’d say. Open-ended question: In a quantum universe, why make it any other way?

Again, the realization and formulation of quantum or non-linear concepts is example of developing intelligence.

Let’s cross-reference quantum research with intelligence findings for a moment. One can find both articles that support that human intelligence is increasing and that it’s decreasing. It depends on what and how you measure, and what you expect! Quantum particle experiments are notoriously spooky in responding to “the observer effect.”

Given a choice, I want to be participating in my human intelligence expanding! There’s a lot farther to go.

Is this happening on a “wireless,” subatomic, cosmic level without my choosing? I happen to think so, and maybe both. That’s a belief that is also a choice, the deliberate choice of which implies increased awareness — especially when considering multiple perspectives.

The more we learn about intelligence in general, including how that manifests with electronics and AI, the more intelligent we become. Given this constructive outlook, collaboration is both plausible and beneficial.