Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Philosophy Of Immortality — The Temporal & The Timeless

Studio Shangri-La Fine Art Photography: Autograph Tree / Clusea rosea

Studio Shangri-La • Autograph Tree

This large format horizontal piece makes use of both symmetry and asymmetry, like nature. And every plant and piece of nature has a function in the grand design, whether we’re immediately aware of it or not. The path of knowledge by respectful exploration will continue to reveal that.

Studio Shangri-La Today’s Art: Bioelectric Bougainvillea

Photographed in Florida, this is a bioelectric abstract expression of realistic photos. The concept is to express the somewhat hidden dimensions of life and there is still much to be learned from plants & nature. I’m referring to this as tech art due to the electronic / geometric inspiration for the layouts. Available for high resolution download, among other options.

Studio Shangri-La Art Of The Day: Bleeding Heart Vine

Bleeding Heart, watermarked

This Art Of The Day is another modern tropical botanical with an Art Deco-inspired layout. Bleeding Heart Vine, like so many other plants, has medicinal qualities, most notably pain relief, a numbing effect. 

As seen here, the Vine is climbing a cabana wall in South Beach. It’s native to West Africa, though. These botanicals are well suited to large format, although many custom sizes are available, as well as high resolution download.

Tech Essay: Quantum Simulation

Response to: Scaleable Quantum Simulation Of Molecular Energies

Since “Scaleable Quantum Simulation Of Molecular Energies” was published in 2016, significant strides have been made with superconducting qubits and VQE. Google certainly has since this publication, as well as IBM. In light of this, this paper seems pioneering as well as many other quantum studies.

This one demonstrates the efficacy of VQE, which represents a hybrid of classical and quantum computing that has become popular in industry for their powers combined, the quantum advantage with the classical translation. After all, the world works on different levels and in partnerships.

Quite recently, Ford used a VQE to explore EV battery materials (1) Microsoft has introduced a quantum processor. (2) While Quantum is by no means mainstream and still very much in development, knowledge of its existence is mainstream. The potential advantages are often referenced and even glamorized in news media i.e. “Quantum Supremacy.”

Really Quantum is already revolutionizing computing, taking it to new dimensions, and even thought. Alongside and in future combination with Machine Learning and AI, can be very powerful.

VQE well represents what’s happening now and practically with Quantum Computing. Since the referenced study, it has come to market. Nevertheless, there are and could be realizations of Quantum that are more quantum, going beyond binary Classical models and constructs in even more mind-bending ways.

For now, the technology this paper represents is worthwhile investing and certainly in the companies involved, that will continue to innovate, with anticipation of further developments down the line.



Studio Shangri-La Fine Art Feature: Natural Selections

Among a growing collection of nature photography, these three are all 3 panel extended pieces in an effort to create a deeper dimension and expression or feeling of the scene. The first was taken at The National Hotel in Miami, the second here at home in Somerville, and the third an amalgam of local beach photos. “Ataraxia” means more or less “a lucid state of equanimity.” For commissions and inquiries, please see the Contact page.

Tech Essay: A Global Quantum Overview

*This is one of my responses from the MIT Quantum Computing 1 course*

As I read about global quantum initiatives, it strikes me that every network advance is a step towards further international interconnectedness, defense agendas aside. I know that’s a big aside.

The somewhat ‘mysterious’ nature of quantum physics and mechanics makes us have to think not just outside the box or bit, but well beyond it to build the new, as Bucky said.

“Speaking quantum” tells of increasing interconnectedness that leads to both technological and sociological advancement. The implications of making leaps through simulations, in conjunction with AI and machine learning, in different sectors such as chemistry, materials, environment and aerospace by “orders of magnitude” are tremendous.

Regarding security and the hackability of quantum networks— the human minds that develop the mathematics, architecture and language are the creators thus steering the ship. The one step ahead is that of human ingenuity, and can be quite responsibly beneficial. The minds that devise can of course anticipate and revise. And in so doing, have ongoing profitability, and purpose. Inevitably, the picture of what it means to profit will continue evolving.

Speaking of profit, this brings up the issue of global disparity in access to the digital economy, even the internet, which should be considered a utility at this point. For the millions invested by governments in quantum technologies, it’s important to ensure basic connectivity as well. It’s important to address imbalance before it becomes even more extreme.

Lastly, for the purpose of this essay, it seems quantum computing will further reveal a supernature — new in-depth ways of seeing, constructing and interacting with our world — will further the expansion underway a la a Fourth Industrial Revolution, of new technologies, concurrent knowledge and resultant discoveries.

I believe intelligence to be omnipresent — what quantum computing and networks potentially represent are tapping in further, an acceleration, to possibly a speed so fast it slows down the everyday pace of life and increases longevity.

Endnote: Coming off MIT Space Week and the New Space Age conference at MIT Sloan, I am thinking more now about quantum’s industrial applications to the next wave of space innovation and exploration, and what advantages that may present, as well as concerns. I was fortunate enough to hear a little about this directly from the Lockheed Martin Space Vice President. His input and that overall of this past week of presentations, panels, and workshops certainly adds new and inspiring dimension to my studies.

Studio Shangri-La Fine Art Feature: Deco Bostonia Series

Today’s feature is the open-ended Deco Bostonia collection, that features well known areas and landmarks of Greater Boston. The gallery above is labeled by location. These and numerous others are available for high resolution download and commissions are also available.

Health + Performance: Optimization With Adaptogens

It’s well documented that genetic expression is sculpted by environment.

“A substantial body of research reveals that specific genes can be expressed at different times in an organism’s life. Whether a particular gene is expressed and the degree to which it is expressed depend strongly on the environmental conditions experienced by the organism.” (1)

Epigenetics is a word for this fascinating study, of how our genes are affected by stimuli and behaviors. One simple example is temperature or climate, and resultant adaptation. It stands to reason that a person who has experienced and adapted to both tropical and wintry climes would be more resilient. Or that an athlete well trained at altitude in either hot or cold, dry or humid, would have an overall advantage in international competition.

There’s also a growing body of Nutrigenomics research concerning how food is biological information the compounds of which interact with the genome. This knowledge we have some of already, in ingesting different foods for specific and medicinal effects.

More than nourishment, food can be used to trigger or “unlock” genetic enhancement. (2) This is taking more of a programming approach.

Furthermore, the microorganisms or bacteria involved may exchange information from the food matrix via horizontal gene transfer to help adapt to surrounding environments and achieve upgrades, an extraordinarily complex and benevolent partnership. (3)

Adaptogens are plant substances, or medicines, that enhance performance, well being and reduce stress.

Among those well known for potency are: Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Turmeric, Chaga, Holy Basil — that is naming just a few. Their medicinal properties and uses have been established by centuries of study and tradition — traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for example provide a lot of information — and the discoveries of the extent of Earth’s bounty of course continue.

Adaptogens may be ingested to achieve a beneficial genetic activation or horizontal gene transfer through their valuable compounds and microorganisms, the result of that plant’s evolutionary path and *its advantageous adaptations. In a way this could be viewed as an exchange of currency or information, even a sort of social interaction.

Including varied vitamin and mineral rich foods as well as the deliberate inclusion of adaptogens for specific issues optimizes health by prevention and by enhancing overall performance. Especially beneficial are nutrient dense foods to which one hasn’t been exposed to before.

One can also best set oneself up for longevity and optimal health by believing in it and by enjoying an indefinite life worth living.




OCTAVES New Music Friday: Artemis Amenti — Flight Of Imagination

Out today for New Music Friday is this vocal remix / rework of Starstuff, Artemis Amenti’s “Flight Of Imagination” and it is quite simply about going with one’s own creative flow to feel the joy of life.

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Studio Shangri-La Fine Art Feature: Classic Deco Botanicals

See the Portfolio page for more

I started making these a couple of years ago and these are some good representations of the first wave below. The above is second wave. It’s an immense joy to take the photos to another surreal multidimensional level. Nature is already beautiful, sacred and pristine. This is just another way to celebrate that and that of nature which we cannot see with the naked eye so to speak, such as electromagnetism or the view of a flower through the compound lens of an insect. And this is an easy way to bring nature indoors! Available for high resolution download.

OCTAVES New Music Friday + Upcoming


Odd Circuit — STARSTUFF

Available on Apple Music, Beatport & more.

Genre / Subgenre = Electronic Music, Dance, Progressive House

This uplifting track features legendary cosmic Carl Sagan samples.

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself… The cosmos is also within us…”

Stay tuned for next week’s new release, which is a STARSTUFF rework:

Artemis Amenti — Flight Of Imagination

Chemistry + Longevity: Redox, Iron Oxide & Reverse Rusting

Studio Shangri-La Industrial

Sometimes a mere change in verbiage can expand perspective. Case in point: Referring to a gain in electron flow as “reduction.” When it comes to nature though, gains and losses are actually exchange because energy cannot be destroyed. (1)

The oxidation-reduction reaction is a complimentary process of electron transfer referred to as “redox” in which an electron moves from one atom to another.

A biological example of redox is that the imbalance of charged particles or ions across cell membranes signals muscles to contract and extend. In this electrochemical process, imbalance is vital.

Rusting or corrosion is oxidation and so can also be viewed as a redox reaction. Iron combines with oxygen and water, and produces Iron Oxide.

Nontoxic and biocompatible, Iron Oxide plays an important role in biological and geological processes, as a catalyst. Oxidized iron is also an integral part of heme – and hemoglobin – in the blood, responsible for oxygen transport. (2)

While oxidation is portrayed sometimes as having negative effects, in the above case it is clearly productive. The same goes for unpaired electrons, or “free radicals.”

Current Iron Oxide research – pun intended – includes the attributes of superparamagnetism and “Reverse Rusting,” a process at the nanoscale which involves slowing down oxidation and even reversing it using pressure, temperature and a Transmission Electron Microscope. (3) The development of Iron-air batteries that make use of reverse rusting are even underway here in Massachusetts.

Side note :: On a more practical everyday scale, potato and lemon [acid] can be used to remove rust. And utility poles have Magnesium Ion stakes that prevent iron’s oxidation.

Endnote: When iron oxidizes it is returning to its natural state as ore, so that too could be viewed as a reversal process.


Studio Shangri-La Conceptual Photography: SO FLL PT II

This is the continuation of the February SO FLL Collection. The aesthetics are modern, art deco, noir, with a touch of surrealism and the subject is the seaside environment. The original photos I took in Fort Lauderdale.

For commissions and inquiries, please reach out through the Contact page.