Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes, Part 4 — Deep Learning Biology To Realize Immortality



In The Studio: The Continued Transformation Of Alchemy Sun

The journey of mixed media work “Alchemy Sun” continues with the addition of layers and texture. It’s been a testing ground, fitting to the title, an alchemy process. This new phase has been more dramatic as the shape comes to life.

Some projects happen quickly; others come to fruition over time. This one has definitely been the latter. It’s nearing completion, though.

“Alchemy Sun” includes a variety of materials from gold leaf to pyrite, and aluminum. The subject of this is transformation, process and refinement, and it runs parallel to life.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Maximizing Regenerative Processes Pt 3 — The Human Circuit, The Infinite Self

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Studio Shangri-La Fine Art/Conceptual Photography: The Beachwalk 777 Collection Continued

Here are a few more fresh additions to the South Beach Miami-based Beachwalk 777 collection and the Portfolio/Gallery page is up to date. A few of these are based on the ‘S’ shape and there are many interesting deco details. The last image is purely a simple and beautiful portrait of a Ravenela. It’s wonderful to be inspired by tropical plants, that are just as lush this time of year while it’s cold in Boston. The title Beachwalk 777 captures how I felt walking along the ocean in art deco South Beach — Jackpot!

Pre-Order On Beatport: Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran — Crypto For Christmas 🎄


Beatport Pre-Order


In the real spirit of crypto, this Drum & Bass Christmas release from CC_RV was rapidly expedited to Beatport, due this Friday the 23rd at many others as well.

“Crypto For Christmas” continues on their theme of levity, comic relief and outright silliness, as well as some bumping and intriguing beats.

This foray into drum & bass also includes the instrumental mix.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes Pt II — The New Old Plant Medicine

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Featured in the original article — “Asclepius” by Studio Shangri-La

OCTAVES New Music Friday Ft. Artemis Amenti — “Give Your Peace A Chance”



Alternative / Rock / Pop



Coming soon on 12.23:

Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran — Crypto For Christmas

Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes Part I — Sun Up, Sun Down

The latest episode of Studio Shangri-La Podcast

Click here to listen to the latest episode of Studio Shangri-La Podcast.

This is a multi-part article originally published in 2021. Stay tuned for the remaining parts, the spoken versions of which differ a bit from the original.

Studio Shangri-La Artwork Commissioned For Beth Israel New Inpatient Building

Studio Shangri-La artworks will appear in BIDMC’s new inpatient building thanks to Boston Art: White Azalea Panel, Sugar Maple Canopy & Cherry Blossom Trellis.

I’m thankful to be part of such a significant public space where lots of people can enjoy these pieces.

The deco botanicals represent the beauty of patterns in nature, then reflected in art & technology, and how these can harmonize. Sugar Maple Canopy is part of an ongoing collection that also glorifies in portrait nature and its healing power, with special attention to composition and style. The original photographs were taken in Cambridge and Somerville.

More info to come on the opening of the building in Spring 2023.

Shangri-La Green + Featured Product: Bamboo

Bamboo is a literally fast-growing crop

The new Shangri-La Green page features non-toxic, organic, eco-conscious products as well as those related to longevity and wellness, and overall higher materials and manufacturing standards. Green products have been featured sporadically on the site and now will be more regularly. The product features will be those tried & tested to be beneficial.

Shop Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Paper

The first featured product is a game changer because it saves so many trees and that’s Bamboo Toilet Paper. Want to make a difference? Make the switch. There are a growing number of options but the unbleached kind is best.

And here’s another angle on bamboo — It’s easy to grow, so one could even buy a live plant and try cultivating it! This plant symbolic of good luck also represents carbon removal and sustainability. It’s now being used for an array of products, from flooring to bath accessories.

Keep an eye on the Shangri-La Green page for great eco finds & ideas!

NEW in December 2022: Beachwalk 777 Collection

Check out these new additions to the Beachwalk 777 Collection, the original photos taken in and around South Beach, Miami. This particular group is inspired by palm trees, the Venetian Islands and the tropics in winter. For pricing and custom work, please reach out through the Contact page. The images shown above are watermarked.

Studio Shangri-La: Art Influenced By Science

Here are some Studio Shangri-La works thus far inspired by science and scientific concepts, from biology to chemistry to physics. And this trend is sure to continue, as science is the study of life.

Some specific examples: “Decision Tree” is influenced by evolution and computer science / programming. “Stomata Bridge” is an abstracted expression of plant biology / anatomy. There are a few in this group influenced by circuit design and electronics. And quite apparent is “The Observer Effect,” a concept of quantum physics, as well as “Blue Peacock CPU” the fantasy computer processor.

Perhaps not quite as apparent, “Khepri” is a visualization of magnetic fields. And the bright “Flowers of Benzoin” is structured like the molecules of a Benzene ring. “Elements” is abstract expression of looking through a microscope. And “Changes” is a reference to relativity, its creases the folds of time. All of these are represented on the portfolio page, and coming soon in a ‘influenced-by-science’ section.

New Music Friday at OCTAVES: Odd Circuit — Miami 33139 ☀️

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ODD CIRCUIT — MIAMI 33139 Main Mix ft. Rebel Veteran + Dub Mix

Genre: Electronic, Progressive House, House, Big Room

New In December: The Beachwalk 777 Collection

This material is from South Beach, Miami a few weeks ago and the collection name comes from a dream after the trip, having much enjoyed the beachwalk along the entirety of Miami Beach. Having a tropical getaway and was a wonderful way of celebrating the holidays. Check out more vibrant colors on the portfolio/gallery page, plus monthly updates of new works.