Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes, Part 4 — Deep Learning Biology To Realize Immortality


Bio + Evolution: Cancer As Mutation To Immortal Cells

Inspired by “Transfigurations,” an Star Trek: The Next Generation episode written by René Echevarria that deals with controversial humanoid evolution. Specifically, one man from a species who mutates to be completely self healing, as well as able to heal others. His species wants to hunt him down and eliminate him rather than open up toContinue reading “Bio + Evolution: Cancer As Mutation To Immortal Cells”

Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes — Full Article, Parts 1-4

Part 1. Sun Up, Sun Down The earliest known forms of timekeeping, which is an expression of long term thinking, were found in the Semliki Valley of the modern day Congo, as a “hash-marked” bone dated 18000 BC,¹ and from later in 8000 BC, moon-shaped pits dug in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.²  More elaborate forms of timekeepingContinue reading “Maximizing Human Regenerative Processes — Full Article, Parts 1-4”

On Cellular Immortality: Reverse Transcriptase Lengthens Telomeres

First of all, Telomeres are located at the ends of our chromosomes, coiled DNA in nuclei, and contain repeated nucleotide sequences. They are the end cap data sequence and lengthen in response to cell division. How so? An enzyme dubbed “telomerase” aka “telomere terminal transferase” cues the repeat. I say ‘dubbed’ because in a seaContinue reading “On Cellular Immortality: Reverse Transcriptase Lengthens Telomeres”

Re-post: Biologists unravel pathway for cancer cells to become immortal | Iowa Now

Biologists at the University of Iowa have unraveled a second pathway by which cancer cells multiply without end. Using baker’s yeast as a model, the biologists explored Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres, a second pathway that cancer cells use to become immortal. — Read on ME: Let’s get this straight — renegade Cancer cells becomeContinue reading “Re-post: Biologists unravel pathway for cancer cells to become immortal | Iowa Now”