On Cellular Immortality: Reverse Transcriptase Lengthens Telomeres

First of all, Telomeres are located at the ends of our chromosomes, coiled DNA in nuclei, and contain repeated nucleotide sequences. They are the end cap data sequence and lengthen in response to cell division.

How so? An enzyme dubbed “telomerase” aka “telomere terminal transferase” cues the repeat. I say ‘dubbed’ because in a sea of different terms often used redundantly, it’s also important to interpret pattern, context and meaning.

Image from: https://www.herox.com/blog/216-immortality-inc-the-telomere-lengthening-procedure

Telomerase also contains the “rate-limiting catalytic” subunit gene Reverse Transcriptase.

Recently, Stanford researchers used modified RNA to extend the process and nucleotide sequence, and thereby add many years to life:

“…our method acts over just a few days to reverse telomere shortening that occurs over more than a decade of normal aging. This suggests that a treatment using our method could be brief and infrequent.”

What about Reverse Transcriptase in general?

To quote Thermo Fisher Scientific, “Reverse transcription involves a broad family of enzymes called reverse transcriptases that play a unique role in the flow of genetic information. Since their discovery, researchers have used these enzymes as fundamental tools in a wide range of molecular biology applications.”

Thermo Fisher has developed applicable genetic technologies related to sequencing, amplification and chain reaction.

So in addition to lifestyle optimization, one short answer solution to cellular immortality is modifying RT to lengthen telomeres. This could include even viral RT and as mentioned in the previous post, telomerase from mutated [immortal] cancer cells.

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