Using Augmented Reality For Medical Testing

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The next humane frontier for medical and scientific testing is Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.

As AR becomes more realistic thanks to companies like Meta (Oculus) and Microsoft (HoloLens), this will indeed become viable.

That means advanced simulations and no further need for live subjects.

Not only would the tech be cruelty-free, it would also be far more efficient and less costly.

“VR has already been used for research and training simulation and could revolutionize the way we gather, test and apply scientific knowledge.” —

Another step beyond the VR headset would be to create a holosuite or spatial computing environment with which could physically interact for testing, like the computer interface that MIT PhD John Underkoffler designed for the Spielberg/Tom Cruise sci-if movie “Minority Report.”

Vision: “Mezzanine” from Minority Report

Although not yet fully spatial/interactive, Underkoffler’s “Mezzanine” computer system is a reality — in use by companies like NASA and Boeing — and undergoing development as a product of the company Oblong based in LA.

This would be a good time to point out the direct connection from the arts & imagination to innovation and scientific reality.

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