The Longevity List — What’s Working For Me


1. Experiencing Timelessness. Be on a timeless scale. Live as if life is all. Clocks, schedules and dates are merely tools. Have an open-ended mindset.

2. Meditation, Affirmation & Prayer. Believe and re-program, say what you want, atone, give thanks, purify, connect to outer and inner cosmos.

3. Stellar Self-Care & Self-Talk. Enjoy the maintenance and respect your body.

3. Nutrient Dense Diet. Lots of Nature’s best. No alcohol or smoking.

4. Peak Experiences. Pockets of nirvana cultivated with contentment. Go climb a mountain if you want to, but this could be simple as a sunset dinner.

5. Minimize (Artificial) Stress. Cut back on noisy media for example, or draining influences.

6. Exercise Every Day. Stay in motion & express the body. Include strength and conditioning.

7. Optimize Environment. Home surroundings, work surroundings, relationships. Small choices & big choices.

9. Choose Contentment & Enjoyment. Be sure to enjoy life in the now — it is inherently abundant. Consider the earth itself.

10. Play & Create. This can come in many different forms!

12. Keep Learning & Exploring. The mind likes food too!

13. Detox. Cut back on known adverse chemicals. That includes household products and cosmetics. Check the labels, pay attention and keep it simple.

14. Plenty of Sleep. Following the sun is best. Sleep as needed, even hibernate. It’s the best medicine, how the body recharges and heals.

15. Supplement. Plants & macromolecules for examples! Use as desired what’s safe & effective, in enhancement and fun, not dependency. There’s a lot to learn.

16. Noninvasive & Regenerative Health Care + BioTechnology. Stay informed! Know your options and choose the best — they keep growing every day.

Favorite Guiding Cues / Phrases:

“Create Nirvana.” Focal/energetic shift.

“Make it easy.” Mental clarity.

“Follow the joy.” Perspective shift.


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