Spotlight On: Socially Responsible Investing

Living in a material world

During the first part of quarantine I became immensely engrossed in learning about Investing and participating in the market, and experiencing the best of what the United States financial institutions have to offer. In the past I have been uninterested because of both not knowing from having a negative impression, and also not realizing that I could put my own spin on things.

What dissuaded me in the past was having a bundle of companies prescribed to me a la 401k that I didn’t know about. I felt like a lot of these companies would be engaged in activities that I didn’t agree with. However, what I have come to realize is what works for *me and how much I enjoy it: To really engage by doing market research and selecting companies that are to the best of my knowledge in alignment with my values, and continuing to create ideal society and heal environment. I also want to select investments that I believe will do well and want to do well. For me the best investments satisfy those conditions.

I like to know that as I grow my portfolio I am getting behind some solid companies and endeavors. Most recently I purchased a clean energy ETF because I feel there’s no going wrong investing in renewables. That’s just the way things are going with the explosion of solar in particular. This is an obvious win – win to me.

This may go without saying — I am clearly focused on some longer-term growth with this outlook. However, there are definitely some stocks that I have held for a shorter term.

Here’s some promising longer term avenues in my book: Renewable energy, sustainable forestry, circular plastics, concrete and other building materials that are not wood, Cultured or cell-based meats, Responsible biotech, aerospace, technology in general, hemp, bamboo, medicinal psychedelics and the list goes on and on.

More short term investments would be related to products, entertainment, technology, and services.

To conclude, I’ve come to an understanding of the positive power of the markets and how I can be involved. I really enjoy doing so and that definitely helps. The more I learn the more it inspires my personal business ventures and overall optimistic outlook for how existing systems can be used and how they can evolve. Could we have different systems? Yes, of course. There are always different ways of doing things. But there is also a certain kind of magic in doing the best you can with what you have – and that’s a lot.


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