Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 2

“Live Slow Die Whenever” ~ T-shirt

02. Habits

Way of life, the Tao, flow — this next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm encompasses daily habits and manner. As mentioned in the previous instruction, having an open-ended life span de-stresses one’s manner and culture significantly.

To live like an immortal would mean free enjoyment of all life has to offer without the pressure of an ultimate deadline. It would mean open-ended achievement, the rethinking and revamping of healthcare, the stewardship of environment. All in all I think, a great idea. I happen to believe we live in a benevolent universe, because everywhere we look there is proof of that. Why death, then? Why indeed. It’s been done. So perhaps the time is nigh for something new.

Time is a tool and system of measurement for scheduling! It does not have to determine life span, though. In this way we can begin to experience multi-dimensionality, like the quantum world. One on level, the measure of time applies; on another level, other qualities are timeless. You may have experienced a taste of timelessness during the pandemic. I sure did, during which the names of the days and sun-ups and sundowns blurred together, a whole year that felt like a time warp!

The immortal being would get plenty of sleep for recharging, without any regard for missing out on something or “FOMO.” There are plenty of plants and animals that do this and live a very long time. We can continue to learn from them without dissecting them, and make no mistake — they too continue to learn and evolve. Consider the city birds that have trained us not to mess with them, and to feed them instead!

The immortal being would not engage in cruel, murderous or torturous behaviors. Having gained infinite sight, like the sloth in the photo, there would be little point and much less existential angst. Above all, engaging in death or destructive activities leads to more death, focusing on death leads to death. You can guess the flipside of the coin: Focusing on enjoying life and living, experiences and exploration, leads to more life.

Rest periods would be expected. The pace of work, however one sees fit for one’s occupation. To each their own. Live and let live, and on and on. After all, here we go expanding to other planets thanks to aerospace giants. The only sense of urgency here is excitement and that we’ll need more room.

To summarize this instruction, way of life converts from survival, or fight or flight, to **arrival. There many ways of saying this in different idioms. If you go ahead and live that way you may find that your health & your quality of life vastly improve.


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