Activating The Ageless Algorithm, Part 4

John Harvard Mall, Old Town Hill, Charlestown

04. Growth

When beliefs and habits change so do biology and outer reality. The universe is a body in motion and so are we by default, yet with increasing choice, and integration of infinite and multidimensional concepts. There are other concurrent levels of reality that we cannot directly see, like the life of our cells and the quantum realm.

Consider for a moment that universal systems, including ourselves exponentially, have been gathering more and more intelligence and discernment. For every thought/desire or group desire, quantum particles or energetic counterparts form and function as carriers or messengers that may help shape physical reality.

The output of the brain has been measured in wave functions, and so is that of the heart; physical manifestations in the personal universe/experience and beyond, conjectured to be affected by the strength and coherence of the signals.

A flight of imagination perhaps — Here’s an example of possible group thought-form manifestation: The black hole, an astronomical phenomenon predicted and then sought after for over a century, and then just 2 years ago at last appears for observation. Something to chew on — that the [benevolent] algorithmic style cosmos we find ourselves in is malleable, with overriding geometries, substances, and even safeties. If intelligence exists at our level of reality, it is reasonable to suppose it exists on many levels.

Definitions expanding // bottom left: to each their own, but to me that seems backwards

*What if* as the divisions of our societies loosen and dissolve, we begin to see more. Oh wait, that’s already happening! Just keep tabs on NASA and SpaceX, among others. And according to popular Wikipedia, immortality or Homo deus or the trans human, the next evolutionary step for humanity is here — and not a nightmarish cyborg or disfiguration – just the best of us, more intelligent and youthful. With possible *constructive* enhancements though, our tech creations also teach us. We’ve been rising and learning through generations towards the achievement of formerly wild dreams. Note: It’s been postulated though certain ancients already realized some of this.

Growth is an expression of ideals and desire, and there’s certainly more to explore. The photos illustrate — from John Harvard, to the vast online network, to even the bloom of common Aurelia aurita jellyfish (the Latin meaning “golden ear” / listening), of which there are many around Boston wharfs.

Once again, the original guru — jellyfish Aurelia aurita, optionally asexual & immortal / variant with 6 gonads seen here (Charlestown)

Those golden listening ears are also known as moon jellyfish, because a specimen of Aurelia went to the moon! If you want to gauge the effects of that, take a look at human history. Only a few people had to go to the moon for the entire species to be affected. Just recently, in the past few years, the Aurelia aurita was identified as being able to reverse its life cycle, just like Turritopsis dorsii “the” immortal jellyfish — now “an” immortal, in a sea of possibilities.

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