Boycott / Complete Halt Of The Year: All Animal Testing

Not even joking

This is amazing news and how about just putting a stop to it now, instead of phasing it out. As I’ve been posting, we already have all the remedies that we need at our disposal thanks to planet earth. We also have technology now that doesn’t Rely on brutalistic testing.

A ban on animal testing is necessary but aside from law, all it takes Is a moral compass to stop doing this. One way to put a stop to suffering in the world is to stop inflicting it. Ceasing to engage in torture, murder, deliberate cruelty – that’s obvious stuff now. I care about animals very much because they’re bystanders, because they were here before us, and in a way helped make us. And don’t say I don’t care about people — All you have to do is look at the Previous posts here.

Putting an end to animal testing is *not* sacrifice because it’s technologically unnecessary. Eating vegan is *not* a sacrifice because plants provide more than enough nutrients. The political scheme or archetype of martyrdom or even crucifixion – there I said it – is completely ridiculous and archaic. No animal would naturally play circus or run into a burning building For the stupid things that humans do. Martyrdom would not even occur were it not for stupidity.

Consider this: what we are experiencing in part with the pandemic is nature defending itself against us since we’ve been identified as an invasive/destructive force or species. There is of course the saying that you reap what you sow — and the origins of COVID-19 are traced to animal cruelty.

Now nature is like: “I’ll show you balance of power.”

The new better definition of power is of the self-mastery and personal power variety, Not the domination and control of the other variety which has become quite obviously outdated, and also ineffective and fruitless. As I say this I realize I can only account for myself and my own choices. When I speak up about something like this I feel it’s important because they don’t have a choice. They’re not harming us either – quite the opposite. Torturing sentient beings is just wrong, Especially when it’s for so-called medicine that doesn’t even work anyway. I mean, what kind of medicine could possibly come out of torture — more torture!


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