Power Plants: Spooky Adaptogenic Tea + Supernatural Joint Paste

The Tea = Moringa + Holy Basil

• Moringa benefits include extremely high nutrient content that helps the body heal and build muscle.

• Holy Basil benefits include being a potent adaptogen that helps soothe stress.

The Extracts in The Tea = Chlorophyll/Peppermint Oil + Ashwagandha/Reishi

• Benefits of Chlorophyll include neutralizing toxins, healing damaged skin and promotion of red blood cell creation and health.

• Benefits of Peppermint oil include pain relief, preventing aches & pains, and hair growth.

• Benefits of ashwagandha, another potent adaptogen, include calming the brain and boosting fertility.

• Benefits of Reishi include improving sleep, plus lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Now that is a fully loaded tea! Not a casual beverage, for special occasions but safe for semi-regular consumption. It’s important to pay attention to mineral content and not overdo it.

The Joint Paste = Flax Oil + Collagen + CBD Oil + Trehalose

• Benefits of Flax Oil include being a high powered anti-inflammatory and locking in moisture.

• Benefits of Collagen may include improving skin elasticity and blood flow to the skin.

• Benefits of CBD oil include often immediate pain relief for muscles and joints.

• Benefits of Trehalose include skin moisturization and protection.

This is not a casual joint paste either and I consider it a reward for the reward of focused training! It could absolutely be used for joints in general, and the formula tweaked as one sees fit.


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