Studio Shangri-La New Artworks: Autumn Passage, Winter Reeds, Peach Noise

**watermarked images shown**

New uploads to my TurningArt portfolio:

AUTUMN PASSAGE • “The whorl of leaves photos are tiled to resemble an hourglass shape with an orbital dimension, the hourglass being a structure used for telling stories and of course time.” • Forest Rapture Collection •

WINTER REEDS • “Mirror photos of the underbrush in Mystic River Reservation that looks fascinating whichever way you turn it.” • Nature Noir Collection •

PEACH NOISE • “This is an abstraction of ‘peach noise’ a flavor of white noise has a bit of rococo scrolling flare to it. It’s made of a closeup shot of a construction site.” • Abstraction Collection •

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@sarah.ikerd / owner

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