Bio + Philosophy: Human Physiology Is Technology & Voluntary Evolution

The new modern idea of voluntary evolution is available by making deliberate choices.

Yet for all my enthusiasm about this new frontier, one area I’m at odds with is the literal fusion of electronics with the human body.

I mean, we’re already fusing with our daily interaction and tech habits — Think on the molecular and quantum levels.

Recently I attended a materials/bioengineering lecture, and I was hearing about basically Roto-Rootering fiberoptic cable into human nerves. Meanwhile, nerves and their bundles are the inspiration for fiberoptic cable. Another part of that presentation showed a silicon chip uselessly inert in a fold of the brain. And I have to admit to you I found this to be completely absurd.

Yes — Many of us want to optimize ourselves and keep evolving. But is it really the answer, creating sci-fi caricature. I’m speaking generally — not in reference to people who have lost limbs.

After all, the human body is intrinsically built to perform and evolve — without being mutilated.

Advanced technologies are based on the intricate workings of biology and nature.

But if some want to literally outfit themselves like a Borg electronic machine, to each their own. At the very least though don’t involve the animals, and don’t make that standard. Personally, I think we can do better.

And I too feel the need for speed. Thing is, it’s happening. It’s all happening — Without the need for me to literally shove my phone into my skull.

New thinking and Synergistic Technologies that encourage open-ended living will dispel this sense of urgency.

Let’s not be blind to the beauty and ignorant of the amazingness we are Endowed with naturally. Stem cells, for example, that live in fat can be stimulated by sound to regenerate limbs.

Seek the self. The self is also All embodied, so why on earth discard it? And why in the universe insist on creating some kind of “hell” out of the vastly beautiful.

Electronics are incredible tools and we learn about our function through them — A classic combination of the best of logic and emotion.

Huge improvements can be made mentally and metaphysically by learning and growing self-awareness. It seems we are in a period of exponential growth.

Yet, many seem to have forgotten their bodies. The intelligence of the body has evolved from what we measure as billions of years and that should be in no way underestimated, but instead overestimated! The brain for example is rigged for expansion, and cells learn.

As I heard in that particular lecture, the fusion of hard and soft tech in the experiment did not work. It involved animal testing, which is wholly disgusting and unnecessary. That’s a clue right there: The experiment was poorly designed and misguided.

The future now of biotechnology is non-invasive body respectful methods using sound and light, using quantum technologies and understanding, the power of mind and self direction to create voluntary evolution.


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