Eco + Design: Proposal For Draw 7 Park Urban Forest

Draw 7 Park, Assembly Row

In recently pitching the urban forest idea to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, I’m inspired by 70’s environmental and landscape art pioneer Agnes Denes and current green architect Vincent Callebaut, whose works are absolutely amazing.

Their visions are both practical, harmonious and beautiful. And it seems the time has come for ideas like theirs to shine.

I make a point to act on ideas I have when I can in the way that I can, so I e-mailed Mass DCR with the broad concept of the urban forest in which there are also edible plants.

The area I have in mind, as you can see above isn’t doing much — it’s a former soccer field, and the grass is thinning. This would be a great urban greening opportunity. It’s next to the train station and would improve air quality, as well as enhance neighborhood value even more.

DCR is in the process of Restoring the shoreline over there by the river, so I don’t know if your plans for Draw7 park are. However, I thought I’d go ahead and throw my two cents in because it could be a beautiful forest area.

Ideally, renewable energy eco-tech could be threaded in, and the mini forest could include edible plants for free public harvesting and consumption.

A Design I envision one could wander through, labyrinth-like, on Stone paths exploring the area like a menagerie.

It’s important that the materials are biocompatible and like the work of the two people I mentioned before, harmonious and useful.

In taking these things into consideration, the developers of today have the opportunity to make an enormously positive impact on our present and future.

Regarding activism, sometimes all it takes is a nudge of constructive input. Opportunities for green optimization abound in every city. And I’m proud to say that Somerville, Massachusetts has been really doing well with this, evening coining the hashtag “#sustainville.”

Time will tell what happens with Draw 7 Park — hopefully it will become a lush verdant attraction and a shining example of urban green design.


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