Health + Home: Completely Nourishing Toothpaste

DIY — The best of the best

As it turns out, making toothpaste that is completely nourishing for your teeth and mouth is not hard.

The bentonite clay mixed with water provides an excellent paste texture and is rich in minerals. Keep this as the base.

Further texturizing and exfoliating, if you will, is the baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, a well known wholesome cleaner.

Keep in mind that like other toothpaste, you don’t swallow this mixture.

The coconut MCT oil is another brilliant nutritious ingredient, great for the skin and gums, and known for its purifying qualities even as mouthwash.

For flavor and further cleansing and purifying enhancement, there’s tea tree oil and/or peppermint oil. These are both well-known medicinal oils.

An extra for whitening, in addition to the baking soda, is charcoal powder. This particular brand pictured above also contains a few of the ingredients I just mentioned actually.

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Baking soda, Peppermint and/or tea tree oil, MCT Oil, Charcoal powder (optional)

Bottom line — easy to make, no filler, all beneficial readily identifiable and multi-use substances, and the taste is pretty good and real.

All of these ingredients are included on the regular in store-bought natural toothpastes, minus synthetic texturizers — calcium clay here serves as great texturizer.


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