Adventures In VR Part II & III: Game On! + The Conclusion 🥴

“Play to keep your mind young.”

Okay, this is a follow up post and it seems I’ve since adapted to the VR environment. I had to take it all in first. Recently, I’ve started playing games, which to my extra surprise is super fun and delightful. I’ve discovered that the controllers buzz for a simulated tactile interface in some games, which definitely helps. Still though, I take it in small doses.

What I tried recently is the Oculus intro experience called First Steps and it includes a few games, including shooting at moving geometric objects for points, like target practice. I like that I can play like that with adrenaline, the accuracy and acuity without it being violent. That virtual environment is beautifully designed. You can also dance with a robot that mirrors your moves!

I felt like a kid. And nowhere does it say that enjoying virtual reality, which is uniquely different, means you give up on actual reality. However I do believe in moderation, and I consider the effects it has on me.

I like VR because it’s interactive, much more than video or computer games; and very much unlike TV and movies, which is passive. The games can get quite physical! And the worlds are magically immersive.

So far I’ve also been awed by anything space related in VR so far, especially the space explorers ISS series. Another great view has been being underwater! All this makes great sense because those realms are less accessible to humans, especially space – but that’s changing !

Again, I should point out that I would not stay in VR as it is presently for extended periods. The contrast actually makes me appreciate my physicality — being a body — exercise and outdoor time even more, although I do appreciate that a lot anyways.

This is just an opinion to finish up: It seems like too much of this would have an adverse affect on young kids that are growing and developing. When you’re a kid it’s very important to develop physiologically, including not limited to coordination and spatial awareness, strength, and overall knowledge of environment.

I also believe that graphic violent content and imagery can have adverse effect on anyone. That’s an opinion of course, but one based on experience.

As an adult, starting to engage with virtual reality, I feel I have a solid foundation of knowledge and awareness to be able to differentiate environments and my different perceptions. I even feel like it’s causing some new and positive growth & adaptations!

This may sound a little goofy to those already initiated, but to me it’s definitely a new frontier. I’m still really impressed and amazed by reality reality !! 😁🤗 🦅


As you can tell from what I’ve written so far I have really enjoyed virtual reality and using the Oculus Quest 2 periodically. However — And this is a big however — When I started using it a tad more frequently and trying different programs I started experiencing more residual side effects again like vertigo and a sort of sensory weirdness. I even had trouble going to sleep a couple times which doesn’t usually happen to me. The Quest 2 also some with heavy and restricts peripheral vision. Although it was a fun adventure trying it get out and I’m glad that I got to, I’ve decided that with the technology in interphase the way that it is, it just isn’t worth the discomfort and weird side effects. That said – I had some incredible experiences with it as I described before with different space programs and other immersive programs like First Life narrated by Sir David Attenborough. (By the way, I think being aboard the actual ISS would be less disorienting than the Oculus program!) Perhaps I’ll return to VR in future iterations of the technology.

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