Studio Shangri-La Publications: Transcription of Bach Cello Suite No.1 For Guitar In G Major

Out today on Amazon:

After 20 years this transcription of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 for guitar gets its due. What’s special about it? Well, it’s transcribed in the original cello key, which means the guitar tuning in the bass strings drops to C and G.

The drop tuning is sonorous and stirring like the original. It’s important to make sure the guitar has settled into this tuning through so one doesn’t pitch bending out of tune. A fresh pair of strings lends well to this, or even having more than one guitar in a performance situation.

This is a meticulously hand written score and many of the markings are interpretive. There’s some left to stylistic interpretation as well, and based on the performer. Such is Bach! I felt it important to publish the absolute original version of the transcription. And then the next edition will be a digitally rendered score.

The art was made with and came out delightfully. Enjoy!

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