In The Studio: The Process Of Mixed Media “Alchemy Sun”

“Alchemy Sun” in progress

“Alchemy Sun” has been a delight to work on and has inspired a patient, methodical mindset. Fitting with the title, the next stage of work on it will see it become more refined and bold. It’s already come a long way from the initial computer graphic inspiration to the canvas. Sometimes bringing a concept to life goes in multiple stages. This is the first mixed media for Studio Shangri-La and it has been a learning process of using different materials, such as Pyrite, Aluminum and of course Gold Leaf. Shaping these elements on the canvas has been a combination of sculpture and painting. What comes next for “Alchemy Sun,” symbolic of creation itself, celestial light, refinement and transformation — Is testing some new materials and finishes to create the final product. The main structure is of course in place and has been refined somewhat, so it’ll be interesting and fun to see how it further transforms.

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