New Art Selections For The Studio Portfolio

NEW! Deco Rosa | Rosa Panel | Middle Earth | Nature Layers Panel | Milkweed Fiber | Milkweed Fiber BW | Autumn Bloom | Spider Lily | Begonia Bliss | Autumn Bloom Panel | Deco Spider Lily | Autumn Bloom BW | Spider Lily Tile | Autumn Bloom Panel BW | Spider Lily Pink Tile | Begonia Vortex

“Are not flowers the stars of the earth?” — Clara Balfour

Please keep in mind that’s a watermark / signature over the online images. The final product would of course not have those on it, but have an actual signature on the back or front corner. These are available on bamboo paper, canvas, glass, metal, ceramic and digital — and framed. The physical conceptual photography pieces are made to order and commissions are available. Not only is that efficient; it’s better for the environment. For physical works that are ready to order now, check out the Shop page which will be updated periodically as other paintings, sculpture, etc become available.

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@sarah.ikerd / owner

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