Studio Shangri-La: Art Influenced By Science

Here are some Studio Shangri-La works thus far inspired by science and scientific concepts, from biology to chemistry to physics. And this trend is sure to continue, as science is the study of life.

Some specific examples: “Decision Tree” is influenced by evolution and computer science / programming. “Stomata Bridge” is an abstracted expression of plant biology / anatomy. There are a few in this group influenced by circuit design and electronics. And quite apparent is “The Observer Effect,” a concept of quantum physics, as well as “Blue Peacock CPU” the fantasy computer processor.

Perhaps not quite as apparent, “Khepri” is a visualization of magnetic fields. And the bright “Flowers of Benzoin” is structured like the molecules of a Benzene ring. “Elements” is abstract expression of looking through a microscope. And “Changes” is a reference to relativity, its creases the folds of time. All of these are represented on the portfolio page, and coming soon in a ‘influenced-by-science’ section.


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