Shangri-La Green Makes Tea: Featured Products + Process

Copper Kettle + Japanese iron teapot

This week’s Shangri-La Green featured products also include a featured process to reduce waste — quite simply, using leftover [formerly fresh] dried herbs as a tea blend.

It’s easy to let the herbs just sit to dry out, and then crumble up the bundle to place in the top filter of the Japanese cast iron teapot. The specific type shown above is Iwachu traditional design, made in Japan. There are many design options to choose from.

In warm season, carefully wild gathered plants and flowers are on the menu too, such as Yarrow in the northeast. One can take a beneficial medicinal approach.

The healthful hammered 100% copper kettle that’s beautifully designed is for boiling the water. Also artful, please take note the iron teapot is for steeping only and makes a flavorful brew.


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