Tech Essay: A Global Quantum Overview

*This is one of my responses from the MIT Quantum Computing 1 course*

As I read about global quantum initiatives, it strikes me that every network advance is a step towards further international interconnectedness, defense agendas aside. I know that’s a big aside.

The somewhat ‘mysterious’ nature of quantum physics and mechanics makes us have to think not just outside the box or bit, but well beyond it to build the new, as Bucky said.

“Speaking quantum” tells of increasing interconnectedness that leads to both technological and sociological advancement. The implications of making leaps through simulations, in conjunction with AI and machine learning, in different sectors such as chemistry, materials, environment and aerospace by “orders of magnitude” are tremendous.

Regarding security and the hackability of quantum networks— the human minds that develop the mathematics, architecture and language are the creators thus steering the ship. The one step ahead is that of human ingenuity, and can be quite responsibly beneficial. The minds that devise can of course anticipate and revise. And in so doing, have ongoing profitability, and purpose. Inevitably, the picture of what it means to profit will continue evolving.

Speaking of profit, this brings up the issue of global disparity in access to the digital economy, even the internet, which should be considered a utility at this point. For the millions invested by governments in quantum technologies, it’s important to ensure basic connectivity as well. It’s important to address imbalance before it becomes even more extreme.

Lastly, for the purpose of this essay, it seems quantum computing will further reveal a supernature — new in-depth ways of seeing, constructing and interacting with our world — will further the expansion underway a la a Fourth Industrial Revolution, of new technologies, concurrent knowledge and resultant discoveries.

I believe intelligence to be omnipresent — what quantum computing and networks potentially represent are tapping in further, an acceleration, to possibly a speed so fast it slows down the everyday pace of life and increases longevity.

Endnote: Coming off MIT Space Week and the New Space Age conference at MIT Sloan, I am thinking more now about quantum’s industrial applications to the next wave of space innovation and exploration, and what advantages that may present, as well as concerns. I was fortunate enough to hear a little about this directly from the Lockheed Martin Space Vice President. His input and that overall of this past week of presentations, panels, and workshops certainly adds new and inspiring dimension to my studies.


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