Tech Essay: Quantum Simulation

Response to: Scaleable Quantum Simulation Of Molecular Energies

Since “Scaleable Quantum Simulation Of Molecular Energies” was published in 2016, significant strides have been made with superconducting qubits and VQE. Google certainly has since this publication, as well as IBM. In light of this, this paper seems pioneering as well as many other quantum studies.

This one demonstrates the efficacy of VQE, which represents a hybrid of classical and quantum computing that has become popular in industry for their powers combined, the quantum advantage with the classical translation. After all, the world works on different levels and in partnerships.

Quite recently, Ford used a VQE to explore EV battery materials (1) Microsoft has introduced a quantum processor. (2) While Quantum is by no means mainstream and still very much in development, knowledge of its existence is mainstream. The potential advantages are often referenced and even glamorized in news media i.e. “Quantum Supremacy.”

Really Quantum is already revolutionizing computing, taking it to new dimensions, and even thought. Alongside and in future combination with Machine Learning and AI, can be very powerful.

VQE well represents what’s happening now and practically with Quantum Computing. Since the referenced study, it has come to market. Nevertheless, there are and could be realizations of Quantum that are more quantum, going beyond binary Classical models and constructs in even more mind-bending ways.

For now, the technology this paper represents is worthwhile investing and certainly in the companies involved, that will continue to innovate, with anticipation of further developments down the line.




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