New In April/May: The Corsham Black & Whites + The Locks

I had a wonderful recording trip to Real World Studios in Box, Corsham recently and there was also excellent opportunity for photography. The European Beech lives on the grounds of Real World, and the second one is from nearby public Lovar Garden with nature trails. Both are looking quite evocative here in the mist. This is rural UK and literally Harry Potter country, as in near where some of it was filmed. The closest well-know city is Bath, about 45 minutes away. There are more black & whites from the bunch, which I’ll be posting on the portfolio page. To place an order please reach out in the Contact page. And there are more shop updates to come!

The Locks are based on photos taken close to home, and named for the waterway area adjacent to Draw 7 Park. The inspiration for the configuration is infinity knots – Celtic knots even – and the idea of security, construction elaborate mechanisms to keep things protected or keep things out. There’s a deep rumination there should one choose or want to engage in it, especially in these post-pandemic times of self protection, which is quite understandable. My experience of life through art is always teaching me, prompting me to look deeper into understanding. Recently I was at a tech conference in which cybersecurity was a major topic, and one or two of the speakers referred to “keeping the bad people out.” And it made me wonder on the need for such things, from the days of castles and the Celts, of how invasive and protective tendencies have nevertheless created amazing architectures.


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