Fabricate::Recreate — Mixed Media In The Studio

My latest mixed media in progress is titled “Fabricate::Recreate.” It’s a large 6’x3’x2” double repurposed, terraced canvas.

The work is about the enjoyment and open-endedness of creation, how one thing or material can become another and keep on morphing.

And everything has an underlying and even overlying fabric.

The title also refers to the re-cyclical process of creation. In this case specifically, using repurposed materials including fabrics from clothing. You can the central “FAB” which can stand for fabric, fabricate or fabulous, as in fashion.

This piece has a couple more fun layers to go. So far it is gesso, fabric and acrylic. It’s definitely the largest and heaviest piece I’ve produced yet.

Like my first mixed media, “Alchemy Sun,” this too is about transformative process. Unlike that one, progress is moving along more quickly! With these paintings, I learn a lot about materials and what in my view works.


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