OCTAVES Music Upcoming Releases

Coming Soon 07.07.23

Genre / Subgenres: Rock, Alternative, Folk, Acoustic

Upcoming EP release 7.07.23 • Blue Shift Red Shift • recorded in The Wood Room at Real World Studios.

The title refers to the movements of light & life, the dynamics of growth & expansion, and to the shift between major/minor musical keys. There is a larger structure to the eventual full album. This cover photo of Comfrey I took near the studio in Box, UK —The title I had in mind well before arriving, then both red and blue flower was an amazing confirmation!

Pre-save on Spotify

Tracklist: Before The Dawn • Emergence • A Human’s World • The Soldier • Double Down

Out later this week

Also around the bend later this week is the single “The Endless Reflection“ for which the lyrics were a collab with the AI poetry system at the MIT Museum. The computer named the topics and then we traded lines. Although AI is of human origination and programming, there was something magical about the experience. I decided later that I would make the poem into lyrics. See below:

With AI at MIT Museum

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