Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 5

Part 5. Environment & Technology

Our lives are inextricably linked with our home spaceship Earth, a paradise because the rest of the solar system is somewhat inhospitable — at least to us. Of course, plans and efforts are directed towards terraforming, and deep space travel towards planets such as Proxima B.

The beautiful earth is our immediate priority. As is obvious at this point, the continued reform of our habits and renovation of our systems is necessary to sustain healthy way of human life in connection with the healthy environment and ecosystems. Both can and should thrive.

Technologies both old and new are relevant to sustainability, or non-destructive lifestyle. Sustainable forestry and solar power, for example, are not new concepts. In the case of forestry, we do have material alternatives such as concrete, bamboo, hemp and even recycled ocean plastic.

Elon Musk said in an X-Prize broadcast that you can’t just plant trees. Well, yes one can. The architect Vincent Callebaut for example, incorporates thousands of trees into his buildings. And besides, the trees knew how to grow themselves long before we got involved. Plants grow through asphalt and concrete, so they know how to survive and thrive. We can help and herd though, and that’s the concept of stewardship.

What is also needed is quite simply big companies continuing to make big changes, yet with greater speed and scope. That massive fiery glowing orb in the sky is fairly easy to channel!

Our health is connected to that of our environment – air quality, plant life, natural resources, etc — what we improve in quality of life as a collective affects us as individuals. This is outside of any political system, outside of any one person or group or agenda; it’s just the facts, that there are more constructive ways of living. The effect on the planet, flora and fauna, is a direct gauge of this. If you don’t like the green and blue — first, I can’t relate, and second this is surely a state of denial and even suicidal because at this point we can’t live without those things, water and arbor.

Things are changing as a matter of necessity, and there can be a newfound or rediscovered cohesion of technology and environment, which of course ultimately stem from the same source. It’s just how we use them and maintain them.

Longevity and mortality depend on sustainable living systems and healthy environments. In my opinion the eco-tech pursuits to prioritize are solar electric power, materials science, and advanced waste management solutions — especially ocean clean-up!

On an individual level, which will continue into the final part of the Ageless Algorithm, the constructive, supportive environment of each person is important for us to thrive and positively potentiate humanity.


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