Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 6

“You see, you were born
Born, born to be alive”

Part 6. En[joy]ment

The final and most important instruction of activating the ageless algorithm is enjoying life, which encompasses all the aforementioned parts; enjoyment of the little things and the big things. Enjoyment is vital to the multifaceted state of health — physical, mental/emotional, spiritual/soul.

Contained in the word “enjoyment” is the word “joy” and that kind of unbridled satisfaction comes from life itself, like the sunlight sparkling on a river, just being able to witness in this grand theater. So why leave it behind? Personally, I’m sizing up Virgin Galactic flights! And am thankful to have come this far across the genetic threads of many lifetimes to even be considering all these possibilities !

In the search for purpose, the greatest one is to live, and be alive, enjoying all the cosmos has to offer, which is a lot. Circumstances differ to be sure, but perhaps as we are living longer and even indefinitely, we can work out more pressing issues, enough to live in relative open-ended peace. It pays off to keep on dreaming and doing — there are so many examples of this, past and definitely present. It also pays off to relax regularly, and take in the natural abundance all around us.

Tardigrade says: “You can do it — I believe in you!

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