The Royal Rife Healing Frequencies

Suppressed technology and research like that of Nikola Tesla
RIP the cancer industry 2021 ?

The Rife Healing frequency list:

Click to access BW%2077%20RIFE%20Frequenties.pdf

The frequency 727 Hz shows up a lot:

Face it — Where is all that money going for These countless cancer charities? It must be going towards fancy facilities that perpetuate the problem or lining pockets because I’ve seen people solve problems without any money at all, with just the power of their minds.

There’s many search results that put down the Rife technologies while in the same breath saying that there are no studies to prove. The stupidity is that these sources have decided that it doesn’t work also based on no studies. Besides, it’s not true that there haven’t been studies or demonstrations to show the efficacy of targeted Frequency therapy. See frequency list.

To me the whole situation stinks of the dark side of capitalism, still trying to suppress low cost and non-invasive therapies that by all evidence suggest they might work for numerous conditions. Online you see medical sources saying why try a harmless therapy because it might not work, that it’s not covered by health insurance (laughable propaganda in my opinion), meanwhile perpetuating chemo. Every day I pray for that kind of stupidity to end.

This society and its education have been disconnected enough from nature that many people have dismissed one of its fundamental properties, SOUND, as being “fringe.” I honestly don’t know what to do with that but shake my head and opt out of industrialized medicine. Oh, and also keep talking about it, and post more, including the frequencies above. Sound is powerful.

I also think it’s definitely worthwhile to try singing the frequencies that are in range because this reverberates inside the body when one sings Or hums — hence mantras and chanting. That is the kind of self healing powers that we have — and it’s time to wake up to that. Our healthcare system has been running more like death care, and I have to assume that is from a combination of stupidity, disconnection from nature, as well as profit based deception.

What then is the true nature of value — Value is a concept that encompasses so much. And the mass alleviation of suffering is of such great value you couldn’t put a paper or metal or data or crypto tag on it. Some may profit from perpetuating suffering & madness, but at what real cost. In my opinion the cost to the Soul is just too expensive. Aside from and including ethics, one can make money on ingenuity and effective technology!

The long and short of this is that people continue to suffer and die without it being necessary. I don’t know what kind of dog and pony show these large organizations are trying to run. Do they even know? It seems massive charity dollars go towards toxic therapies and overblown facilities and who knows what fronts. I’m just using my logic here. Moderna churned out a vaccine to an unknown disease in less than a year — and I’m supposed to believe that cancer still has to be a problem. I am not buying it — I’m literally not buying it.

As an endnote there are lots of chemicals in everyday products including household cleaners and cosmetics that can be avoided simply by not buying them. I am definitely not saying get fearful — I am saying get educated and empowered. There are clearly still a lot of companies out there cutting corners like the so-called snake oil back in the day. Read the labels. If you think to yourself WTF is that in there, maybe don’t buy it. Now there are other reasons in life on a personal level or sphere for “dis-ease” but why have to fight against the irresponsibility of corporations.

Here lies the Cancer Industry RIP 2021. Please. And thank you.


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