Could Cultured Meat Stem Cell Tech Create New Compatible Limbs For People

This Sunday Investor is here on an actual Sunday! Today what I’m wondering is if the stem cell technology employed by and that will be employed by companies like Future Meat, Mosa Meat, supposedly Tyson and so many more can be used to create limbs for people that are compatible with their bodies. It should be noted here that I wouldn’t invest in Tyson as it is right now — Once they embrace this future tech, yes.

Cultured meat is already agreed advance to reduce environmental impact and cruelty. How about taking it a step further to make peoples lives better who really need it. Don’t get me wrong I think the mechanical limbs were and are a great innovation, but this is suggesting something much better.

Here’s a list of some of the existing and up-and-coming cultured meat companies:

  • Aleph Farms, Rehovot, Israel. Meat: Beef steak. …
  • BlueNalu, San Diego. …
  • Eat Just, San Francisco. …
  • Matrix Meats, Dublin, Ohio. …
  • Meatable, Delft, The Netherlands. …
  • Memphis Meats, Berkeley, Calif. …
  • Mosa Meat; Maastricht, Netherlands. …
  • Shiok Meats, Singapore.

Personally I am content to eat plant-based protein, but in my opinion this technology and processes are positively game changing. True, people might not want to eat cultured meat, yet actual animal meat may become harder to come by unless you hunt or small scale farm.

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