Converting Fossil Fuel Vehicles To Electric + The Debut Of Electric Barges

^^ A gem of a video on auto conversion to get a sense of what would take place! Very interesting.

And how about solar boat conversions? >>

I can’t make a specific recommendations but there are plenty of products on the online market for converting both cars and boats to solar.

Solar and electric conversions and more accessible than ever, as well as just buying a new vehicle. There are a growing number of solar boats companies now including SolarCat and Silent Yachts.

Here in Boston it’s relatively easy to find boat repair shops, and mechanics. Boat or car mechanics could perform the conversion for perhaps less than a new vehicle, depending on the vehicle.

Now here’s the grand finale — The Electric Barges:

At last! The company Wärtsilä is producing green barges and ferries using large onboard batteries. This should definitely be a new normal as large ships are a major source of ocean pollution. And the health of the ocean and earth is directly connected to our health.


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