Natural Home Tooth & Body Spa

Order of events:

• Meditation music switch on —

• Bentonite Clay with Water Body & Face Masque — Skin Food! 15 min.

** Rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, known for purification among many other properties

• Rinse / shower

• Apply [Flax] Oil on body — doesn’t have to be Flax Oil. In fact, I prefer coconut MCT. Flax Oil is very nourishing & it’s what I had at the time.

• Apply Argan Oil to face and scalp

** A milder less viscous oil should be used on the face

• Brush teeth with Bentonite Clay

** The Bentonite / water mixture is in fact the same consistency as toothpaste!

• Gently floss teeth

** I like to use the mini flosser with a handle

• Brush teeth with natural [Dr. Bronner’s] peppermint toothpaste

• Brush / rub teeth & with charcoal powder

• Thoroughly rinse

• Use Oil as mouthwash — Coconut MCT is the best, but here I used Flax. Both you swallow of course because they’re quite nutritious.


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