The Sunday Investor: Future Vision

CIRCUIT / SUBSTRATE by Studio Shangri-La

In order to experience a sustainable world environment, it’s necessary to promote the free flow of technology, ideas and resources.

The most important technology to adopt first on a large scale is that of green electric energy. Far from being a new concept, it requires no further justification.

Switching modes of energy should no longer be a matter of regulation, but of logic and improvement. There are many related green technologies with no emissions.

The most up to date, forward thinking technologies should be at the forefront. True solutions analytically address root causes.

No amount of words from me, for example, would equate to me either rolling up my sleeves And picking up trash off the ground, or finding or inventing a device that helps with waste management. Of course it’s not all on any one person — I’m just making a point.

Waste management is another important sector in which to prioritize the most cutting edge technology. In a previous post I mentioned Plasma arc Gasification, that converts waste into fuel and other useful byproducts.

That would be part of the revamped circular society, that puts the most logical sustainable solutions to pressing issues in place. That’s the future vision.

Educational curriculums should be current and encourage intellectualism. That is, People learn how the world and how organizing mechanisms operate. And there is a free flow of ideas and information, the continuation and extension of the digital age.

In my not original opinion, the utopian vision is a fusion of nature and human technology. They can in fact work side-by-side.

Green energy overall, innovative waste management techniques, generally eliminating the proliferation of known toxins and predatory capitalism, and also updating to the most efficient food production methods from different cultures. All of that contributes and amounts to a better safer world for all of us. Constant warfare has had its day, to say the least!

The US and other countries should cease being invasive for resources. The land is rich everywhere and so are the minds.

When it comes to mining, there are artificial synthesis techniques now to prevent environmental depletion. Silicon for example, in constant demand, can be easily produced.

And now, so can meat. The cultured meat industry is set to take off. As for any unease about that, it’s clear that animal husbandry on a massive scale is both environmentally destructive and cruel. We can adapt.

Returning to mining — Another possible avenue is space mining, especially asteroids. That’s not a casual endeavor, but it makes sense for plentitude of minerals and space exploration. Space mining could be a topic in another Sunday Investor post, with full recognition that mining could perhaps be mostly replaced by synthetic techniques.

The nature of currency is shifting a bit, but not the nature of value. I use the word “nature.” Nature and cosmos, aside from any system we use for organization, are inherently valuable.

And also being inherently valuable, WE Are here to witness and interact with our seemingly limitless surroundings.

You’ll never hear me complain about “Billionaires” launching themselves into space because I think humanity is due for expansion. (Yes though, I do think they should pay their fair share of taxes.)

That’s not the only mode of expansion, though. There is room for everyone to participate as desired.

Someone asked me recently: “Is there room for me?” in such and such a category or activity. And I said of course. There are so many avenues of expression open to us now, both natural pre-existing and that we’ve created for ourselves from those building blocks.

Plus once we get to other planets – especially those earthlike planets – with Deep space propulsion technology, there will be even more room!

The human mind is gifted with complex strategy — That’s where computers get it from.

Here’s an anecdote to illustrate: Seasonally a large amount of fish die out and beach on the banks of the Charles River. Boat pollution is of course another issue. Anyway, those fish find themselves oxygen deprived and not knowing what’s going on, and they just flop around aimlessly ‘til they pass on to Great Spirit.

Humans are not like this. We have strategy. I thought: Well, if a fish partially submerged itself and then breathed the air, it could perhaps survive until the water became more hospitable.

That’s a human strategy for survival. We’ve made it this far, thanks in part to the fish. Also, we’re not dinosaurs either. We have spaceships, we have solar technology, and all other aforementioned tools and innovations. We have logic, discernment, and judgment to be positively used.

Lastly, and the Sunday Investor will continue exploring this, there’s a treasure trove of undeveloped metaphysical Technologies that can and should be tapped into responsibly, Such as that of electrostatics and sound.

These valuable concepts and associated research should become mainstream, instead of on the fringes or tangled up in the jargon and red tape of academia and administrations.


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