The Dept Of ID: A Mineral Map Of The Solar System

The Department Of Ideas & Design

What feels like way back in 2020, I explored possibilities of space mining with this drawing. It represents all the possibilities out there without having to carve up the earth. Robotics would no doubt come in to play with dangerous mining operations.

However, since I made the drawing I have been researching the synthetic mineral production techniques out there and it seems like that is a growing trend.

For example, the company Aether diamonds Is extracting CO2 from the atmosphere to make diamonds. Other types of crystals can be artificially or synthetically produced.

The overall point of the drawing is to expand beyond the earth and keep it real. There are numerous options besides continuing to dig in and dredge/destroy this planet. And of course mining can become ridiculously and destructively political as well.

I may create another post about companies focused on synthetic production because if it’s easy to do, there’s no conflict. Personally— although there is a multitude of minerals out there — I roll my eyes at the idea of potential space wars.

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