Tech + Environment: Plasma Arc Gasification & Vaporization / Sublimation Trashcan + Receptacles — Revolutionizing Waste Management

I have a rudimentary design of a trashcan that uses a laser in the process of vaporizing / gasifying or sublimating waste to either produce ideal byproducts like even Oxygen or Water, or quite “simply” keep infinitely re-energizing the process of the can! Fortunately these methods are up & coming in waste treatment plants. But individual use — that would really be a game changer:

One emerging technology is “plasma gasification” for mass applications or “plasma arc gasification.” See more description in the photo below. There’s also “cold plasma” — that’s another avenue.

And get this — the “slag” can become silicon, limestone, or aluminum, Among other useful byproducts! The technology and processes need to be developed and put to widespread use as soon as possible.

Industrial Plasma Gasification

Of course the housing or material for a trashcan has to be appropriate for a laser and included internal processes – some type of steel perhaps… The laser would pass between 2 points though, not touching the sides of the can.

As for the handheld portable lasers, that becomes the stuff of Star Wars! Hey, it’s out there. The above laser that instantly burns does indeed resemble a light saber.

What I have in mind for that is *ionic vaporization* though that sublimates or deconstructs molecular structure without combustion. The byproduct would have to beneficial like oxygen or nitrogen though… What a fascinating can of worms. To be continued.


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